Saturday, February 28, 2009


Titles are but nicknames, and every nickname is a title. – Thomas Paine

Nickname, according to Wikipedia (as if nobody knows what it means) has its root from the word ekename, meaning “additional name”. It became corrupted through ages and became what it is today. But I prefer to attribute its origin from the Devil, which the English speaking Europeans also calls “Old Nick”.

Nicknames are given as a term of endearment (as in Mumsy, Siopaw, Lemondrops), because of physical feature or behavioral quirks (like Duling, Balat or Utot), to emphasize who your referring to (as in “Jun Taba” and “Jun Payat”) and to hide your real identity (Batman, Joker, Darna). Like most bloggers, I also adhere to the last description.

NJ of Desert Aquaforce tagged me to do this meme regarding nicknames. So without further ado, here is the list of my other names:

1. Daddy – (in a melodious way with emphasis on “Daah”) what my daughter and wife calls me when they want something from me.
2. Dee – what my daughter and wife calls me when they only want my attention. My wife calls me something else when she’s angry.
3. Bobet or Bet – my family (except my sister) and extended family.
4. Toto – my sister and the only person I allow calling me by that name.
5. Tito – my nephews and nieces.
6. Ed or Mr. Ed – my boss, co-workers and friends here in the Kingdom.
7. Mon – my “barkadas” back home in Pinas.
8. Zaldy – classmates in my college days.
9. Ka Mon – my “barkadas” in my college days. Each of us has a nickname that begins in “Ka” like “Ka Tigas”, “Ka Golem”, “Kamote”.
10. BlogusVox – it’s mock-Latin, Blogus (a conjugation of Blog) meaning denizens of blogosphere and Vox (voice). Literally it means “Bloggers' Voice”.

I’ll refrain muna on tagging anybody. But if you feel like doing it, feel free to grab it.


  1. Hahaha... As I was responsible to tie to you one of the 10 tags, let me be the first to say something here...(allow me to have a long comment)

    First, I want to thank you for being the first one to comply with that meme on tagging (to borrow your lingo). At least I can say I scored 1/10 already at hindi na zero.

    Second, I like the way you presented the tag. It came out very informative, interesting and well written.

    Third, i got to know you more than your nome de plume "Blogusvox". When I'll write comments to your posts, I need not write Hi Blogusvox...

    Fourth, from now on it's gonna be personal. I can now call you either Zaldy, Ed, Mon (with prefixes of Pareng, Bro, Ka... I guess Kuya or Tito is very much inappropriate or maybe I can be the 2nd one to call you Toto...LoL).

    Cheers and two thumbs up for this post!

    Lastly, I wish someone will grab the tag freely!

    This exercise seem to say that I've known you much better beginning today!

  2. My wife used to call me "Honey" and "Sweatheart" but lately, I heard she referred to me as "Mokong." Should I start to worry LOL.

  3. this reminds me a lot of me :) people from different aspects/times of my life refer to me by different names. so i'd know where i know them from the name they call me by. of course, the sweetest name of them all is "mama" unless it's said in a whiny, demanding voice!

  4. ok, with all those nicknames above, here i am, starting to wonder what your real name is...hahaha
    nakakatuwa, just when i thought i had it figure out.,...your name that is.. then came the "zaldy" na nagpagulo sa selction of names ko for you.. ahihihihi

  5. I've been tagged by Desert Aquaforce, as well! Whew! Nako-konsensiya na ako, ah. Hindi kasi ako makahanap ng magandang kwento, ayaw ko kasi ng diretso nalang mga nicknames ko. Tulad po nitong sa inyo, I like the way you presented this post. o",)

    Gagawa rin po ako (di ko pa alam kung kailan), matutuklasan niyong may isa kayong nick na magkapareho tayo! Kung ano man po 'yon, abangan! U

  6. NJ, Vox nalang or Pareng Vox or Ka Vox. "Toto" is common in the Visayas but I hate that nickname. Parang "Ato" or "Totoy" sa katagalugan. That's why only my sister calls me that.

    bertN, LOL. I guess as time passes by, terms of indearment between couples all changes. : )

    Mimi, true, "Daddy" is like music in my ears if said sweetly. Pero pag mi kasamang "tantrum" or "sumpong", nakaka-irita. : )

    ~yAnaH~, di ba sa school, they try to shorten your family name? That's how I got that nickname.

    RJ, manghuhula lang ako. "Bobet" ba? Very common din kasi yan sa Bisayas and Mindanao.

  7. Finally!!!

    A name behind Blogusvox! Yehey. Haba kc ng Blogusvox.

    Tutal nasa Saudi rin ako, pwede bang tawagin rin kitang Mr Ed o Sir Ed from now on?

    Toto. Un ang pareho nyong palayaw ni RJ. Tama b ko Toto?

  8. Pareng Vox, pareho kami ni Yanah na nag figure out kung ano ang real name mo...kaso sabi ko di ko na isasama sa comment dahil ang haba na - para na rin kasing isang blog.

    Ngaung sinagot mo si Yanah, guess ko ang real name is Edmundo/Edmond and ang family name mo is Zaldivar/Zaldariagga...Hehehe.. Most likely Zaldivar!

    Buko na ba? Peace!

  9. Nebz, Vox nalang kung gusto mo ng maikli. But I don't mind if you want to call me Mr.Ed or Sir Ed. : )

    NJ, I won't confirm nor deny my first name pero medyo malapit na rin. Have you consider maybe I got two birth names. But the name given to our family (Spanish era) has its roots from the Basque region of Spain. Same clan as the Zaldivars but different family name. : )

  10. parang may kulang kasi di nabanggit yung tawag pag galit si labofmylyf mo..he he he.:)

    hulaan ko..

    DEE-to! kalang at maguusap tayo.he he he,:)

  11. May reply na pala ang comment ko rito. Hindi niyo po nahulaan ang 'common nick' natin dito, pero sa post ko sa The CMQuill ay nakuha niyo po. (,"o Perfect!

  12. Hi Ed, okey, pwede na rin, oo nga at mahaba masyado yung blogusvox... hehehe, pag-iisipan ko if i'll do this tag, mukhang interesting.

  13. This is a good post/tag. Makes the readers know more about us. I might do a post related to nicknames/names sooner or later. I remember being called my full name when my parents are naiinis sakin, when I was younger. =)

  14. ever, whoohooo! Ina-apply mo naman sa akin ang pambabraso ng mrs mo sayo. : )

    RJ, I just put two and two together! : )

    sheng, like Nebz, if you like short names, eh di call me Vox nalang. : )

    Ms.Jo, haha, ganun din ang ermat ko. Yung full christian name ko ang tawag sa akin pag galit.

  15. Guys, I have some misgivings why I did this tag. I don't want to be called by any other name, or nickname, except BlogusVox. Please, if you find my name too long, then calling me Vox would be fine.

  16. me and my brothers names all start with Ed and all our wife call us Ed so when we met together there's a bit of confusion..he he he

  17. ed v., hehe, parang yung cartoon characters ano, Ed, Eed and Eddie. : )

  18. ang daming mo din palang nickname ed. hehe. I was tagged of the same, pero talagang gahul sa oras. Pero one thing na valuable saken ang post na ito, I know now, ang tanong na ever since the world began, ask ko na sa sarili ko, ano kaya ibig sabihin ng blogusvox... :)

  19. Man, you're a popular guy, having 10 nicknames in your lifetime !
    How true - I have been given nicknames in offices I have worked with and in one particular office, it substituted my real name to the point that even when I meet my former officemates here in Canada, they call me as such, to the surprise of my wife hehe :)

  20. bw, nicknames stuck. Even if you haven't seen the guy for 20 or so years, when you meet, yun pa rin ang tawag sa yo. Okay lang if the nickname is "cute" pakinggan, pero kung hindi, it will make you uncomfortable. : D

  21. My CIC will always have "hoy" preceding my nickname everytime she will address me.

    BTW, Chinese are confused with nicknames. What they have are English, Christian, or Chinese names.

    I've a Chinese friend in Singapore and she has a Chinese name that really sounds Chinese. She has a Christian name of Serena and an English name of Cindy as in Cindy Lauper.And she really idolize Cindy the singer...

  22. heehee. are you ilonggo blogusvox? my hubby's mom and titas call him toto too ;-)

  23. Trosp, are you working in a place where the noise level is high? I think, "hoy" is just to get your attention.

    caryn, my mom is ilongga and yes, Toto is common among them. : )