Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I’m Rich and Famous… Yeah Right!

Some of you may have noticed some slight changes on my site; like my blog roll missing in the side bar or a minimized displayed post. I’m doing these to enhance my blog’s “visibility” and refresh rate.

“Out link” is the term used when you connect other sites into yours, such as cross-referencing and putting a site in your blog roll. The beauty of it is it’s much easier to annotate or to jump from one location to another. The disadvantage of this technique is search engines (Yahoo or Google) tend to by-pass sites with too much out links. On the other hand, showing a lot of posts on your home page will likely slowdown the refresh rate and will take “forever” displaying it.

Now, here’s the interesting part; while “testing” my modification, I noticed my blog was subjected to some web analysis. Here’s one:

It says my blog is worth $640,108 USD and have a daily revenue of $1,753 USD. I’m rich except I got no ads and this isn’t my blog but a copy. It’s called a “mirror site” and my “clone” is located somewhere in the Netherlands. Here’s another one:

This time it’s worth a modest £414.69 BP but it got a world wide ranking of 8,080,497. With roughly 50 million bloggers all over the world, that figure places me on the top 16%. In your face, Alexa! I’m famous even if you don’t know my blog exist!

No wonder I get emails asking how much is per share of my stocks. These infos’ leaves me with a depleted ego and in a wishful thinking mode.

Moral Lesson: Don’t believe everything you read on the web especially one that comes from so called “experts” and “authority” attached to their names.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Buhay Buhangin (Sn. 54)

This ad was paid for by disgruntled OFWs.  >: D