Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Blogging and Commenting

An idea entered my mind when I was at Nebz’s site reading this post. Although I seldom get nasty comments, I do find a lot, when reading comments from other sites. Perhaps some are just expressing their opinion with a little touch of emotion. Others are too brazen for their own good. And the rest maybe new in blogging and just don’t know any better. So I did a research to find out what are the proper blog manners one should “put on” and I found some here, here and here.

Although I find these “protocols” too nice, you don’t have to possess Victorian like manners to have the proper etiquette in cyberspace. To sum it up, all it takes is common sense to be considered “civil”.

If one is a commenter, one should think of it like one is a visitor in somebody’s home. One should be in his finest behavior and always be courteous to the host. Unless of course barkada mo ang may-ari at tambayan nyo ang bahay nya. Ibang rules naman ang applicable dyan.

If the host is telling a story, one should listen and base one’s remark according to the story. It’s not good to grab the limelight and tell your own story thereby undermining the host’s narrative. O di kaya, bigla mong ilalabas ang baon mong Tupperware or Avon products and try to sell it to the other guests.

If you like or find the house you just visited interesting, take note of it without thinking of reciprocation. Don’t obligate the host to do the same to your place as well. Hindi yung sasabihin mong “Pag kinuwento mo sa mga kachika mo kung gaano kaganda ng bahay ko, ikukwento ko rin ang bahay mo sa mga kachika ko”.

As for the blog host, think of your place like a restaurant where every day you have a “Today’s Special” menu. Huwag naman yung palagi nalang “apple pie” ang sini-serve mo o di kaya e pansit loglog na panis. Para naman hindi madala ang mga customers.

And if you received a complement, go all the way to acknowledge it. Huwag mong isnabin. Magpasalamat ka at nagustuhan nila ang luto mo.

Yun lang yun. Ika nga as Clarence Thomas said - Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. Nasa ayon ba yung quote na 'to? A ewan!


  1. very informative Kuya.. lalo na ung HERE, HERE & HERE!

    baguhan lang ako sa blog. pinasok ko ang mundong ito ng walang kilala kundi ISA lang! salamat po sa mga tips...

  2. Simple lang ang topic na ito pero ito ang pinaka-basic na dapat mabasa at malaman ng mga bawat blogger; nakakatulong din po 'yong mga nasa link ninyo.

    Ang blogging and commenting etiquette ay kailangan naman talagang isa-isip, isa-puso at isagawa.

  3. "If one is a commenter, one should think of it like one is a visitor in somebody’s home. One should be in his finest behavior and always respect the host.">>>> this is really a good analogy of it. very good analysis blogusvox. this will definitely help people be responsible of what they say or how to react to people commenting on their blogs.

  4. hmmmnn food for thoughts.. nice touch blogusvox.. thanks for the lesson learned. you're still my best teacher as usual.

  5. Ako po, nag ka ugat na ala olive tree, sa blogging, kahit 5 years pa lang ako sa blogsphere.

    At danas ko na yang 187 comments in my blog post about an igorot, half of the comments, minura ako.

    Then sa uk phil pageant2007, nasa 130 comments, deleted ko lang ang iba, na expose ko yung hindi pag bibigay ng premyo, pinutakti din ako ng mga insulto.
    Third, na clone ang blog ko, francescainfrance the pokpok, lol.

    All of it, wala na ngayun, although the topics are still in my blog.

    Marami ang pasaway sa blogvisitors, but it doesnt stop me to continue writing a story every time I got one.

    Nasa puso ko na yung, I cant wait to tell this topic in my blog, haha.

    Eto pala mga controversial posts ko non:


    90comments,hindi kasali mga insulto...

    Hindi na rin natin masisi yung mga bad commenters, feel at home kasi sila sa bahay natin and feeling free pa to insult us. Mama mia.

  6. Thanks for the credit. Nabasa ko lahat ng here, here and here, and of course your post.

    You said it right, we have to have lost of common sense and we have to be civil.

    After reading po your post (po daw talaga?), I looked back at my performance as a commenter in other blogs. I think I fared okay naman although I should be more polite with some of my comments dahil minsan I cross the border of being too familiar (and sometimes being too know-it-all!). Hehe.

  7. Ayan na nga ba sinasabi ko e...dapat pag nagko-comment, check first the words before clicking 'publish'.

    "...we have to have LOTS (not lost) of common sense and we have to be civil".

    D na po mauulit.

  8. hi ginoong henyo kefel hal?GMRC 101 for the bloggers thanks for sharing this.Ito ang una sa lahat na dapat malaman sa blog.

  9. Hi Blogusvox, I've been actively blogging only for the past 2 months though I did my first post a year ago.

    Before ako napasama sa grupo ng mga kapitbahay sa Blogskoto, I didn't even know yang mga pa comment-comment at mga rating at mga widgets. I spent my time looking for music na mailagay sa blog at malagyan ng makukulay na widgets...ang babaw ano? Salamat na lang sa mga kaibigan at natuto na ako ng kaunti...

    Well, thank you for your lessons on Blogetiquette. I'm sure it's gonna help me gain more friends in the blogosphere!

    Pero kung may i-boblog ako or i-comment na masama dahil yun ang paniwala ko, ipagpaumanhin na lang po ninyo ako.


  10. This is an awakening post. I am yet to check the other links. So far, I've never get to have nasty comments. But I've got one in my guestbook which I didn't publish. It's good that moderation is enabled for my guestbook.

    I made an unfavorable review about my dining experience in Barrio Fiesta Resto in Abu Dhabi and the Manager rudely requested (not really requested but instructed me) to take out my post. I ignored it. Then he made another comment through the guestbook. I ignored again and just blocked his email address and IP. It ended there. After all, my review is an honest opinion based on facts.

    As to those offering/selling their services, I'm glad the spam blocker application is taking care of those.

  11. Great post! A lot of bloggers needed the info but I think I need it more than most.

  12. I love your blog that's why I keep commenting here. IMO, what you feel is what you should speak, but bear in mind to be respectful, always in all ways, be respectful, mapa-blog man yan or real life...

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  13. AZEL, thank you, ngayon ang dami mo ng kaberks. : )

    RJ, hehe, "isa-isip, isa-puso at isagawa".. parang Panatang Makabayan ah.

    donG, thank you.

    Ms.Loida, I never thought of myself as a teacher. All I did was share what I know. But, thank you.

    Francesca, ako na-abutan ko pa na ang tawag sa blog ay "ebulletin" pero ang blog ko is not even a year old. To some people, truth hurts, that's why they reacted nastily.

    Nebz, your one of the gentle persons I know here. So don't be so concious about your comments.

    mightydacz, Al hamdulilah, kwa-iz. Shok'ran sadik.

    DAForce, ang pagsalungat sa paniwala ng iba ay hindi kawalang galang sa kinaukulan. Papano natin malinawan ang isang bagay kung walang talakayan. Hindi sa lahat ng bagay ay tama ang aking paniwala. I always welcome contructive criticism. Para sa ganun ay lumawak ang aking kaalaman.

    Ms.Jo, ang hina naman nung manager. He should have apologize to you for their services and then invites you again to eat at their place, free of charge. Para maganda ang feedback and to change your opinion of their restaurant.

    bertN, thank you and IMO, you're a gentleman enough.

  14. sheng, thank you and IMO too, you're one of the sweetest blogger I know.

  15. ayos toh ah!palagay ko ang paguugali na dala ng bawat isa makikita rin sa way ng pagbloblog,kung anung trip o anung iniisip...

    @ nebz,
    pards bakit binalikan mo yung ibang comments mo guilty ba(ha ha ha.jok lang.)...pero tama ka equal ang banat mo saka may sarili kang identity!

  16. good post. i think a bit of courtesy goes a long way. and i think one can disagree without being disagreeable.


  17. I've had my share of bastos na commenters. Some even used foul language. I don't know why but some people seem to get a kick pissing someone off. That prompted me to moderate the comments first. I still post comments that do not share my ideas anyway. It is those who seem to have plenty of time on their hands that they would come for a visit and say nasty things that I don't post. Sayang lang ang pagod nila.

  18. Great post! I learned a lot. And these are really very true. I think one can express his own opinion as long as courteous. Thanks for sharing this.:D

    By the way, I'm passing a tag to you. It's the 'Passionate Blogger Award'. Please get it at my blog. Thank you. Have a wonderful day! :D

  19. hahaha! love the tupperware and avon part. very nicely put ;-)

  20. ever, tama ka dyan, tol. Minsan makikita mo ang ugali ng tao sa pananalita at takbo ng isip.

    Mimi, yes, it doesn't take much to be courteous but the act goes a long way.

    Ka Rolly, yan yung mga immature type or doesn't have a "life". I think envy is also a factor.

    Dee, thank you. As for the tag, I'll do it as soon as I can. Ang dami kasing pending din na tag. : )

    caryn, hehe. I've seen some in real life. Nag papasa ng brocures habang uma-attend ng party.

  21. pero marami din naman diyang mayayabang na knows all bloggers ang pinagsusulat ay puro kayabangan,tapos pagpinagyabangan mo rin at medyo nairita deleted ka,sa lahat naman ng bagay ang pang delete ng comment ay worst offense ng bloggers not unless obscene ito.

  22. I agree, Blogging 101 Ethics...bisitahin ko muna ang here and here and here. hehe

  23. this is a nice entry for us bloggers, blogusvox. i have seen some nasty comments in other blogs as well though luckily for me i haven't had it... and hopefully won't since my blog is like my sanctuary...

    i gotta check out the here, here and here... hehe. :)

  24. So true. Blogging and commenting should always be done with respect to both the author and reader.

    There's one blog that I hardly go to anymore because of the simple fact that I've seen the author impose his way on his readers. Yes, it's true that he owns the site but it does not give him the license and the right to hurl four-letter insults on readers whose comments he disagrees with. That turned me off big time.

    There are many ways of skinning a cat and thus, there are also many ways to deal with rude authors and/or commenters. We can all agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable.

  25. Sometimes, some people just don't know how to disagree without being disagreeable. I've had my fair share of nasty comments, with some visitors going as far as insulting me as a person instead on focusing on what I wrote about. Someone even commented "Please stop posting your pictures, you disgust me." At first such comments bothered me, but later on I learned to let them be.

    I'm quite guilty of not responding to all of the comments in my blog, and I'm trying my very best to correct that, especially now that Wordpress already has comment threading.

    Because I'm someone who always takes time to read and reread a post before commenting, sometimes it annoys me when people write things like, "Nice post," "Good idea," "You're right," and nothing else. It feels as if they're commenting just for the sake of it. So I, too, sometimes do not comment if I have nothing better to say than "I agree."

    About telling my own story in my comments, I'm afraid I do that a lot (I just did, hehe!)I hope my Blog Etiquette 101 grade is acceptable.

  26. ed v., hehehe, baka naman blogging lang ang "outlet" nya para mailabas yung nakatago at pinipigilang yabang. : D

    Kenjie, hindi mo na kailangang bisitahin yan. Maginoo ka naman at malumanay magsalita.

    7thstranger, we can't help it if we get nasty comments. We can't please everybody eka nga. But your right about one's blog is ones sanctuary.

    Panaderos, hehehe, I think I know who that blogger is. Trademark nya na ang cursing and green language. That's how he becomes popular. : (

    Kats, for me you get a grade of 95%. Even though your telling a long story, related pa rin ito sa topic under discusion. And your right, if you got nothing to say besides "Nice post", better don't comment na lang. : )

  27. Very timely reminder about blogging ethics bro. Although we can never be perfect, courtesy is always paramount. This one really makes a lot of sense.

    "12) If someone visits your blog, and leaves a comment, make time to visit their blog as well. It’s common courtesy. If you cannot identify with their most current post, dig through their archives and find one you can leave a short comment on."

    We know there are bloggers who have reached the status of celebrity, aka "publisher" who you don't expect to reciprocate your visit. I'm fine with that. Unfortunately, some feel like celeb bloggers when they're not :(

  28. bw, ay meron akong alam na ganyan. Some even can't accept that they weren't choosin on some contest on the basis that they are popular. : D

  29. tama tama ka dyan bro, marami akong nakikitang ganyan na talaga namang napaka babastos ng mga commenter tho marami din namang maayos kaso pag my topic ka na di nila nagustuhan e mambabastos na para bang talaga namang walang modo hahaha di nila naisip na naki bisita lang sila at wala silang karapatang yurakan yung paniniwala ng iba kaya nga lahat tayo e pwedeng magkaron ng sariling account para naiipost natin kung anu yung paniniwala natin so kung yung iba e iba sa paniniwala mo e irespeto mo nalang at kung dika sang ayon aba e gumawa ka ng sarili mo at dun kana lang sa blog na ginawa mo mangalaiti at magbubusa hahaha.

  30. TZ, alam mo, you can determine the behaviour of a commenter by analyzing what he/she writes. Gawain ko yan, and I'm sure a lot also do the same. That's why I seldom delete comments even if its nasty.

  31. yan ang maganda sayo kahit na bastos kaya mo intertainen but so far naman wala pakong nababasang bastos na poster dito at dapat lang dahil di naman kabastos bastos ang mga isinusulat mo, very interesting and informative pa nga e