Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At the Airport

What a gas! You gotta come and see, at the Zoo. – Paul Simon

Going home for vacation is a stressful experience, especially if you have a very active kid. I have to think of every thing from our baggage, passports and airfare tickets. Not to mention the exasperating long queues in front of the check-in counter and security check before the boarding area.

Para hindi mabagot, I entertain myself by watching our fellow kabayans who are also on their way home. It’s amazing that by just observing, you can somehow evaluate a person’s character. I categorize them as follows:

Japorms – Everything he wears is brand new, from signature sport shoes, to t-shirt, to ball cap and sunglasses (worn even inside the terminal). Japorms usually hangs around where ladies congregate (see Chatters).

Hepa - You can see him coming miles away. His covered from head to toe with jewelry, from necklace the size of a door chain to rings with stones as big as your thumb. Hepa has the same characteristic and hunting ground as Japorms.

Over-Weights – They know exactly the weight limit for check-in baggage and the number of hand-carried luggage allowed by airlines. Yet they squeeze in some more hoping baka makalusot. There are two known species, the Weight Watcher and the Pasa Load.

Weight Watcher – Typically hangs in front of the check-in counter, always watchful of a fellow passenger’s baggage while being weight. If it’s below the allowable limit, her standard line is “Kabayan, kulang naman sa bigat ang bagahi mo. Paki dagdag naman itong sa akin. Magaan lang ito, sampung kilo”.

Pasa Load – Her hunting ground is the queue in Customs before entering the pre-departure area. Her mark is usually male, single with no hand-carried luggage. Her standard line is “Kabayan, wala ka namang dala. Paki bitbit naman itong isa sa mga bagahi ko. Magaan lang ito, sampung kilo”.

The Movers – Usually a family with teenage children. You’ll recognize them because their trolleys are in convoy. Lots of heavy boxes and luggage when checking in. Parang ipinabagahi ang buong bahay.

The Tribe – A bus load when they arrive at the airport. Only one or two is going on vacation, the rest are well wishers and strollers. Ginagawang pasyalan ang airport.

Chatters – Noisy and always in group. They make it a point to occupy the same row seat number to continue their ruckus inside the airplane. Pity are those who are behind or in front of them if they want a peaceful journey.

Aristocrat – Always aloof, separates from the crowd. Will mingle with the Movers if it pleases her but avoids Chatters at all cost. Makes it a point to let everyone knows she’s flying Business Class.

And of course there’s the rest of our kabayans who minds their own business and anticipating their much deserved vacation. Just like you and me.


  1. that's funny! this was timely coz i'm leaving for cebu by tomorrow dawn. and sadly im not on one of the list. when i go to the airport i only listen to music while waiting for the departure. check for some books and magazines on book shops inside the airport when there's enough time.

  2. the donG, then maybe your one of those passengers who just mind their own business. Just like me. ;)

    BTW, welcome to my blog.

  3. blogusvox,good observation,funny but the first time I went home many years back I brought a lot of "pasalubong" to my relatives and also a lot of clothes to use while on vacation.While carrying my luggages I feel like Im carrying my cross in a crowded and hot and humid manila airport.Well I've learned my lesson this days I only carry my backpack with me.

  4. ed v., para hindi hassle. Yung mabibigat naming bagahi pinapa door-to-door ko one week ahead of our flight schedule.

  5. Good thing that I'm part of the "others" pala. hehe I mind my own business and I smile back if people smile at me.

    But I do agree with you that we get to observe different kinds of people at the airport and that by the way they approach things, we get a glimpse of how they live their lives.

  6. Panaderos, hindi lang sa airport, kahit sa supermarket you can surmise a person's lifestyle by observing what they purchase. Parang Sherlock Holmes no.

  7. hahahah very true... and i dont to go home on common holidays for obvious reasons. hahahaha

  8. blogusvox,you know with all the products made from china sold everywhere,there no reason anymore to buy for "pasalubong"just give cash,it would be better and less of a burden in carrying and shopping. Baka mamaya mas mura pa sa pinas iyong pasalubong mo.

  9. the suspect, thank you for visiting

    ed v., you're right, pera nalang kaysa mamali pa ako size, e di sayang.

  10. Im ashamed. When I went back from a tournament in Thailand last January, I had 4 pieces of hand carry luggage with me. LOLOLOL

  11. lateralus, pasalamat ka they make exception sa mga athletes. Thanks for visiting.