Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Water Bearer

I noticed that a lot of bloggers are either celebrating or announcing their birthdays this month or next month. My daughter and I happens to have our birthdays a day apart and right in the middle of January 20 and February 18. If your birth anniversary falls between these dates, then you are an Aquarian. Before you say anything, I want to make it clear that I don’t believe in horoscopes, as if our destiny is written in the stars. But I do believe that heavenly bodies, just like lunar tides, affect the mental and physical state of each one of us. Each zodiac sign is assign a dominant planet and considered by astrologers to be our “peak” (active, prolific what ever) when that planet is in alignment with its designated sign. Astrologers also believe that individuals have either “high” or “low” zodiac signs. For example, you are a “low” Aquarian if you are born between the dates I mentioned above yet possesses characteristic which are “un-Aquarian”. Maybe, your “real” sign is either a Capricorn or a Pisces. On the other hand, you are a “high” Aquarian if you manifest most of the characteristics below:

Positive Traits:Strong-willed, original, innovative, inventive, observant, unprejudiced, objective, idealistic, humane, sociable, loyal to friends, free-spirited, independent, individualistic, intelligent, curious and seeks mental challenge.
Negative Traits:Detached or aloof, impersonal, opinionated, stubborn, rebellious, conceited, does not share inner feelings and unwillingness to abide with rules or authority.
Quirks:Unpredictable, eccentric and unconventional.
It was said that Aquarian traits personifies humanity.

The Age of AquariusSome historians attached significance to zodiac signs. They believed human history is a cycle of events that keeps repeating itself, where each stage or “Age” is an unavoidable episode of human unmaking. They said this cycle has been going on for the last 3,000 years of human history, and believed, we are now in the middle of the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is said to be of “enlightenment”. During this period, discoveries, inventions and ideas prosper and it will last for 280 years. Science will break the bondage of religion and its child, technology, will help humankind for better or for worst, good or bad.

Come to think of it, I find some truth in this postulation. A lot of discoveries were made, a lot of inventions were built and a lot of ideas were formulated in the last part of the 19th until the end of the 20th century. Electricity was discovered, computers were invented and humans made footprints on the moon. In the political front, we experimented with fascism and communism. Music and arts were radicalized and a lot of individuals with innovative ideas were born within these centuries. Slavery is a thing of the past and we learn to see the person and not the color of the skin. We learn to accept differences. Cultures and languages are no longer barriers. Little by little, inch by inch, we are getting there. It may take another cycle or more, but eventually all humans will be Aquarians.

To end this, allow me to be nostalgic and listen to this song of the ‘60s.

I dedicate this song to all bloggers who at one time in their life was a flower child.
Peace Man!!


  1. Birthday nyo po pala?! Anong date po? Dito kasi sa Blogger hindi nalalaman ang mga birthdays.

    HAPPY BiRTHDAY, Kuya Blogusvox! o",)

    'Yong tag nyo nga pala, may naisulat na ako last month na 10 facts about myself. Pero gagawan ko pa po rin ng paraang makagawa ng post tungkol sa Honest Scrap. Parang ibang tema naman kasi 'yon kaysa naunang post ko.

  2. RJ, salamat. Ang bday namin ng anak ko falls in the middle of Jan.20 and Feb.18. : )

  3. It's like that people have been waiting forever for some "ideal era" which never comes. or maybe it will.I hope anyway.

  4. interesting post.

    oi happy birthday.i will ask the help of madame asim auring para hulaan ang exact bday mo.lol

  5. happy birthday! pareho pala kayong aquarian ng daughter mo.

  6. Advanced Happy Birthday to you and your daughter! Marami palang chibugan sa inyo pag ganitong panahon. :D

    I wish you both many more Happy and Blessed Birthdays to come! Cheers!

  7. Nice info Pre'. Advance (or belated) Happy Birthday sir!

  8. Happy birthday to you and Bea. How do two Aquarians get along, I wonder? :)

  9. Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian here, hehe. I'd say i am a "high" aquarian. I possess those traits, and sometimes I am that in a very "attitudinal way". Haha!

  10. I don't believe in horoscopes, too. But there's really a basis that heavenly bodies somehow affect us, its alignment, etc. That convinced me that higher and lower signs are factual.

    Advance birthday greetings!

  11. blogsurdities, religiously speaking, yes. A lot of them were disappointed!

    mightydacz, thank you. Just count the number of days from Jan.20 to Feb.18, then divide by 2 and you'll get the exact date. : )

    Mari, salamat. Oo, and I can see some of my behaviour in her. It's like looking in the mirror.

    Panaderos, thank you pards. Pinag-iisa na lang namin ang salo-salo, para tipid. : )

    Theo, thank you and advance Happy Birthday to you too.

    Mimi, thank you.
    re: "How do two Aquarians get along, wonder?"
    Parang malagkit na minatamis. : )

    sheng, same to you. I possess those traits too except being "conceited" (hindi masyado).

    Ms.Jo, thank you very much, m'am.

  12. takot na ako pag ang Birthday ko ay dumarating ibig sabihin nito isang taon na namang dagdag sa edad ko he he he...anyway happy birthday! :)

  13. ed v., basta wala na ang idad ko sa kalendaryo, hindi ko na binibilang! : )

  14. Hi blogusvox,I already posted my answers for the tag!

  15. bloghopping... :) nice blog!

    I guess I'm a "high" Aquarian... Most characteristics fit me... haha!

  16. sheng, T.Y. for playing the tag.

    7thstranger, thanks you and nice of you to drop by.

  17. Hello! It's my first time here. Interesting post!

    I also don't believe much on horoscopes pero somehow may truth din yung astrology affecting the moods of man.

    Happy birthday to you and to your daughter.

  18. As far as the age of Aquarius or age of enlightenment goes, I kinda agree that man in general had evolved into a much more tolerant hence enlightened specie... except when I think that in certain parts of the world some people think that the crusade is still being fought :)

  19. Happy Birthday to you and Bea!

    Wishing you both good health

    more happiness and peace

    and more power in touching people's lives for good!

  20. my brother is also an aquarian. interesting traits aquarians have.

  21. Dee, thank you for the greeting and thank you too for dropping by. Balik ka ha?

    bw, true, this area is always a "hot spot" since time immemorial.

    Kenjie, thank you for the wishes!

    donG, interesting as in weird? It's always nice to have one in every family. : )

  22. aba at halos pareho tayo ng bday pards...ako nung jan. 25..he he he.

    nmiss ko ang makpasyal sa blog mo!

  23. happy bday to you... my first time in your blog.

    my daughter is an aquarian. i don't believe in horoscopes, too, and in any astronomical explanation about birthdates. but i do notice that people born under a certain sign like aquarius for example have similar traits one way or the other. there are prevalent character in each of them.

    most aquarians (and i mean most) are opinionated and straightforward.

    nice site.

  24. ever, kelan ka na "resurrect"? Ang tagal din ang puspusan sa trabaho ah. Hehehe, member ka rin pala ng samahang mi sumpong at baltik.

    bing, most aquarians are opinionated and straightforward because most are intelligent and pragmatic. BTW, thanks for dropping by.

  25. Dear Blogusvox,
    Thanks a lot for your kind assisatnce.. You inspired me a lot..Hay, ang gagaling nyo talaga lalo ka na. Your blog really inspired me. I just can't configure the comment page.
    God bless you and your family..
    Loida, Bayani, Baylon, Barley and Liane

  26. Hahaha, thanks so much my dear Blogusvox.. You're an angel.. Our site now has a life..

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU and your DAUGHTER.. Many more birthdays to come..

  27. Kung magkagayun, happy birthday sa ating dalawa. Haha!

    Ung traits ng Aquarian, mostly nakuha ko especially yong pagkakaroon ng kakaibang isip. In other words, weird.

  28. Dear Blogusvox, Please accept my Birthday Card. Kindly pick it up in 2L3B's Blogspot.. Have a nice day my friend.. Hugs from Loida

  29. Nebz, ang dami talagang Aquarian na blogger no! Happy Birthday din sayo.

    Ms.Loida, you're welcome and thank you for the greeting card.