Saturday, January 03, 2009

Thank You, Shok’ran and Maraming Salamat

I would like to give my deepest appreciation to the organizers and judges of the recently concluded Top 10 Pinoy Expats Blog Award for making The Sandbox No.1 in the region (Middle East) and No.3 among the Top 10 Filipino Expats and OFW Bloggers of the year.

Of course I won’t be in this position if not for those readers who gave their confidence and support by voting this blog. For me, words can’t say enough how much I feel. A “Thank you” may suffice, but believe me, behind those two simple words a huge gratitude is swelling to get out and embrace you.

According to this, I was an over-all finalist because of the following:
No.3 – in Voting/Popularity Category
No.2 – in Blog Content Category

Judges picks:
Voted 4 times to the top 10
Picked twice as the No.2 best blog.
and comments:
"I like his quirky way of writing." 
“It is one of the most insightful and truly OFW blog especially the cartoons he himself make. " 
"Expresses OFW emotions (and exert) effort to keep alive Filipino identity admirable."
The organizers even have this to say:
“Blogusvox! Congrats! Grabe, do you know na pag may technorati at alexa and social bookmarkings ka, baka no. 2 ka?” 
 Unfortunately I don’t subscribe to those sites. Being a newbie, I’m not conceited enough to know my ranking in the bloggers’ world.Also, I would like to congratulate all those who made it especially my blogpals: ever of Pamatay Homesick (No.5), Mimi of Sleepless in KL (No.7) and caryn of Sari Saring Kulay (No.8).

Being one of the newest members of the blog community to enter the contest and reached the finals is like winning the “Rookie of the Year” award. Again, thank you very much!


  1. Congratulations, Pards! Very well deserved.

    Happy New Year to you and the family! I wish you all the best in the new year.

  2. congratulations blogusvox! i would agree to this. knowing how relevant the issues that you post here in comic form, i would say you really deserve it.

  3. Wow! CONGRATULATIONS po, Kuya Blogusvox! o",)

  4. mabruq!mabruq!mabruq sadik!!!inta kwayes miya miya blogusvox number one!!!

  5. congratulations!!! a much deserved win for you! and a perfect way to begin the new year :)

  6. Mabruk, mabruk ! hehe.. well deserved award :)

  7. panaderos, thank you pards! Hope you have a great holiday too.

    donG, thanks you too!

    RJ, Maraming salamat sayong suporta!

    mightydacz, shok'ran sadik!

    Mimi, thank you and congrats to you too!

    bw, shok'ran katir!

  8. Congratulations and thank you for posting about this blog awards!

    happy New Year to you and your family.

  9. wow!!! next time maybe you're no 1 congratulations...

  10. Kenji, salamat and happy new year din to you and your family!

    ed v., haha! thank you, naka silat e.

  11. Congratulations!!

  12. bertN, thank you bro!

  13. Congrats po! Maipagmamalaki naman talaga ang The Sandbox kahit kanino pa tanungin. Number wajid, sabi nga sa Saudi.

    Happy New Year!

  14. congrats bro! kel'ly mamnum mochakaram for your witty and humorous posts!

  15. Ang galing galing talaga! Congrats!

  16. wow congrats, naku malungkot akot late nako sa news lol nawalan ako ng internet the whole weekend, congrats uli talaga namang deserving ka to get this award e, may you have many more posts to come hahaha.

  17. Nebz, shok'ran katir. With this, I could say that Middle East pinoy bloggers are at par with other pinoy bloggers around the world.

    Theo, hindi ako marunong ng Farsi pero siguro okay lang ang sagot na "salamat". : )

    sheng, maraming salamat.

    TZ, salamat. Pag iigihan ko pa ang pag post para mapasaya kita. Malay mo, may magnominate uli sa akin sa ibang pakontest. : )

  18. pards! bilib talaga ako sa comics strip mo.dyan ako hirap,nung time na nagpasa kami ng drawing ng kaibigan ko si randy ng malikhaing komiks sa GASI,sya lang ang tinanggap,sabi sakin magsulat nalang daw ako.he he he.

    sa totoo lang pwede gawing libro yung mga likha mo...ika nga ni panaderos well deserved!

  19. Congratulations!

  20. ever, hehehe, parang blog book o "blok"? Marami pa akong asin na kakainin bago mangyari yan, pero salamat dre!

    Ms.Jo, thank you and welcome back!

  21. Congrats and keep blogging!

  22. Trosp, thank you! : )

  23. Purihin ka, BlogusVox sa iyong tagumpay, keep it up, there's no other way but up, you deserve it Bro.