Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Memoriam: Victims of Typhoon "Frank"

It could had been prevented if only personal interests were set aside.


  1. are you sure about that?

    berto xxx

  2. hey, are you using PC Pen with your drawings? I've seen one in one of the department stores here and I thought I'd buy one too. Okay ba gamitin?

  3. I feel bad for the families left behind. I just wish that the government would fight for those families for a change. But something tells me that that would be too much to ask of our government. Awful.

  4. berto xxx, obviously you don't read news papers or you have a myopic point of view or you won't say what you said.

    kotsengkuba, no. What I do is draw it first in paper then digitized it and touched it up with Paint or Photoshop.

    Anyway thanks for the visit.

    panaderos, my hometown was also devastated and the walls in our family compound were destroyed. But at least my family are safe. Material things could be replaced by life is priceless and the pain of losing a love one lingers for a long time.

  5. nice offering blogusvox. they really need prayers and hope for the family.

  6. donG, awang awa ako lalo na to those children trapped inside.