Saturday, July 03, 2010

Promises and Apprehensions

I witnessed the inauguration of our new president. I saw the hope and aspiration in the faces of our people, believing that this president have the determination and the firmness to change our nation for the better. But Noynoy himself admits that he can’t do this without the cooperation from the citizenry. In other words, we should do our part, our responsibility how ever small or insignificant it may be, if we are to fulfill our collective vision.

Our government, any government, will never succeed without the collaboration of the governed. The expectation and dreams are there and perhaps the willpower to succeed too. But do we have “unity” or even “cooperation” to realize this? Regionalist or clannish cultures are “ugly” traits we can’t seem to shake off; the reason why I’m being pessimistic. And this trait manifested itself in our recently concluded election.

Our “kabalen” in the 2nd district voted overwhelmingly in favor of the former president because she pampered them with government projects, disregarding what she did in her 9 years in power. Not to mention the scandals created by her or her immediate family, they also over looked alleged anomalous transactions of her administration and human right violations under her watch. Our “kabalen” put her in congress without thinking if she was just using them as a stepping stone in her ambition to return back to power. And all of these became clear when her first act as a representative was to, unashamedly, call for a constitutional convention; the key to open up her bid in becoming the prime minister. Maybe our “kabalen” didn’t saw this coming or perhaps they don’t care. She maybe the devil, but she is “their” devil.

A good example of regionalism is the “solid north”. Geographical location and limited resources are factors that bond them. It is their strength and I admire them for that. Therefore, it is no surprise when a certain political family enjoys their constituent’s support and monopolizes the gubernatorial and congressional post of the province. They took care of them when they were on the helm of power. What dismayed me is the seemingly short memory of the rest of us that enables a scion of this family to take a national post; a seat in the Senate.

Perhaps the majority of the electorates weren’t born or too young to remember the “dark years”. But being a Martial Law “baby”, I witnessed the excesses of these conjugal dictators and their cronies. And no one has the ability to project such ostentatious display of grandeur than the matriarch of this family, taking no notice or concern that the rest of the nation wallows in poverty.

Remember, these families have tasted power before. For them, it’s like an adrenaline rush. They will not stop until power is in their hands. Be wary of their patriotic rhetoric and nationalistic concerns. They are now “testing the waters”, so to speak, sizing up when is it time for them to return.

Be vigilant.


  1. i don't like noynoy since day one of the presidential race. for me, there are other people who deserve to win. his speech during the inaugural rites is really filled with high hopes and for that, i am giving him my trust and support. we can never progress if we will not be one with the leader of our country. that's the voice of the people so let's just give him the benefit of the doubt.

    as for representative gloria, shame on her. the "glorification" days are over. i hope p.noy will will impose on her one of the powerful lines from his speech: "there can be no reconciliation without justice".

  2. I just hope theat we wll must support for what is right. we can never be able to get progress when we all banter with each other. let's give PNoy a chance.

  3. While I didn't vote for him, I like the fact that his winning is driving some sectors to react positively. The inaugural address was brilliant, but there's much trace of big promises, which made it not much different from the former presidents'. I'll support him to a reasonable extent though. I'm waiting for a lot good changes to take place.

  4. NoBenta, dapat. Aabuso ang mga taong nasa katungkulan pag walang "accountability" sa kanilang pinag gagawa.

    sheng, too much hope and responsibility are being put on the shoulder of p-noy. Ako, masaya na pag na-ingat ang ekonomiya ng 5%.

    Ms.Jo, pag may pagbabago bang mabuti, uuwi ka na? : )

  5. I have witnessed the dark eras of the 70's where I was with the LFS and was branded as "communist" and been chased by Metrocoms during protest marches.

    Today, our nation is on it's new chapter towards change that we'd been looking forward for the last 9 years after a historic election. Let us forget the political colors that we once been affiliated with, it's time to heal the wounds of indecisiveness and let us unite to restore our country towards real change, let us not just be vigilant, let us do our part as a true patriotic Filipino - sa isip, sa wika at sa gawa.

  6. nararamdaman daw ang bawat pagsasalita...

    raramdaman ko ng 60 porsyento yung pagtalumpati ni P-nOY...siguro narin dahil sa uhaw ako sa pagbabago....

    makinig! magmasid! at tumulong. siguro ito ang tatlong gagampanan natin! opinyun ng naglalayag na si Juan.

  7. Pope, pareho pala tayong naglalaro ng patentero sa mga parak noon. : )

    ever, tama, tsong. ang pagbabago ay dapat sa sarili natin nagsisimula.

  8. his speech must be strong to seem so persuasive and strong despite the fact that it is no different from the other inaugural speeches. or Filipinos are just desperately hungry for a new governance, for liberation from oppression and its effects, or for hope for the motherland?

    whatever it's worth, i give my support to President Noynoy. i hadnt voted for him but i have to support him now and do my best to be of help even in the smallest things possible. we also have a responsibility to meet, and accountability to answer for what will happen next.

  9. sigh, hindi rin si noynoy ang manok ko, at di ako bilib sa kanya, pero maraming bilib sa kanya at umaasang may magagawa sya, alam nating hindi madali at isa nanaman yan sa mga pangakong malamang na mapako sa huli, pero sana naman, diman lahat ng mapako nya e mangyari (na alam naman nating di ganun kadali) atleast umangat naman ng konti, kawawa naman mga kababayan natin lalo na yung mga umaasa ng husto na yung pagalis ni GMA at pagpalit ni noynoy e may malaking mababago.
    at yung mga super tamad na walang ginawa kundi mag abang ng biyayang malalaglag e kumilos kilong naman at wag lalong maging pabigat, mahirap ang buhay sa pinas pero kung
    walang tamad e wala naman sigurong magugutom at isisisi lahat ng kahirapan sa nakaupo sa gobyerno,walang trabaho para sa lahat ng mga tao sa pinas pero dapat din naman silang kumilos at gumawa ng paraan kahit pano.

  10. bing, ang taong gutom, kahit ano kakainin. And that's what happens in the inauguration. Dapat lahat tayo mag banat din ng buto, if we want results from the promises of Noynoy.

    Lee, korek! Hindi lahat i-asa sa gobyerno. Dapat tayo ring nasa baba maki-isa kung hangad natin ang asenso.

  11. i believe it's time that we give a chance to a humble person who doesnt only believe in himslef but on the rest of the pinoy. im looking forward to support his plans if it means to change for the better.

  12. sa palagay ko mas pinalaki ng presidente ang bato na nakabitin sa ulo niya. pero syempre kahit parang pangarap, masarap nga mangarap. eh kung magkakatotoo ba bakit hindi.

  13. although i am inclined to believe that a person (even P-Noy) could not change overnight, still, i respect the voice of plurality. i didn't vote for him but i am very much willing to support him albeit vigilantly.

  14. donG, it is up to us if we want a change for the better. P-noy could only do so much.

    prinsesamusang, mabigat nga yung binitiwan nyang salita. Nasa atin din naman kung gusto natin ng pagbabago. Ang kinatatakutan ko ay yung ugali nating "ningas kogon".

    Lawstude, same here. He seems sincere in his goal and we owe ourselves to support him.

  15. Ditto Lawstude. I may not be a die-hard of Noy, but I will definitely pray that his dream for a better Philippines do come true.

  16. hindi ko siya ibinoto but i'm a good sport. he is now MY president. ganyan talaga eh. wala tayong choice kundi suportahan siya, at ipagdasal na susku naman, maging maunlad at mapayapa naman na sana ang ating bansa.

    i do have faith that he is a good person.

    pero dapat talaga huwag tayong umasa lang sa kanya, dapat tulungan tayong lahat. amen? amen. haha!

  17. filipinos do have short memories. it's definitely one of our weaknesses aside from our regionalistic culture. where do you see convicted politicians, dictators, and abusive officials being able to get back to run in the political scene? our electorate has so much to learn.

    he isn't also my best choice but since he's already there, might as well hope for the best.

  18. let's be wary also of the people surrounding our new president...

  19. atticus, kahit gaano ka galing at katino ng isang namumuno pag dispalinghado sa baba, wala ring patutunguhan.

    7thstranger, only in the Philippines. But, yes, let's support him.

    Abou, ay multo! may multong nakapasok dito. 'Musta na, long time no hear ah! : D

  20. Re: your question, whether there's a good change or none, I think I should return home when it's time.

  21. basta buhay ang abscbn, may media to inform the public, kaya we hope, uunland ang bansa sa isang Noynoy. Meron siyang puso para sa tao, pero KUNG sabayan din niya ng disiplina, para may law and order sa bansa. May matitigas kasi ng ulo na mga pinoy din eh.

  22. Ms.Jo, you're still young and lots of opportunity will come your way. Ako, baka dito na mag retire. : (

    Francesca, ang kailangan natin, sa aking palagay, ay kamay na bakal katulad ng namuno sa Singapore.