Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bea’s 5th

I’m one of those OFWs with a “family status” privilege appended on their contract. It may not mean much to some and taken for granted by others who have similar benefits, but much sought by those who have to leave their family behind back in the Philippines. If you're a family man, without it, it is as if a part of you was stolen. You can only enjoy your “family life” for a month once a year and for some, only after two years.

I guess, in spite of being an OFW, I’m lucky to gain this understanding of what “family” is all about. To be called, not only as a “provider”, but as a parent as well. To experience the ups and down of a family life and witness my child grow; From a 3 month old baby, who likes to hold her Daddy’s finger, to what she is now, a little girl who can’t sleep at night without her Daddy’s arm around her.

She’s her Daddy’s joy and sometimes her mother’s aggravation, full of life, eccentricity and naughtiness. And tomorrow will be a special day. It is the day, five years ago to date, when she came into our lives... and everything changes.

Happy Birthday, anak!

------------ oOo-------------

TriviaFebruary, 2010 is unique. It has:

4 Mondays
4 Tuesdays
4 Wednesdays
4 Thursdays
4 Fridays
4 Saturdays and
4 Sundays

A phenomenon that happens only once every 11 years.


  1. I had to check the calendar. Oo nga no? 4 Sundays, buti umabot yung 28th. =)

    Happy birthday, Bea!

  2. Napa-wow po ako sa collection niyo ng mga pictures ni Bea, enough proof that she has been growing with and well-guided by her parents. You're right, your family is very lucky to have this privilege.

    Sa tingin ko, isa diyan sa mga pictures ni Bea ay ginamit niyo sa Christmas card na ginawa niyo last 2008. Horizontally, picture number 8.

    Ano kaya ang inihahandang sorpresa ng daddy at mommy ni Bea sa birthday niya? Happy Birthday Bea! U

    (Nagustuhan ko ang trivia.)

  3. I love the photo collection and I am inspired tuloy na hanapin ang mga picture ni Hevyn! hehehe

    Happy Birthday Bea! You are so lucky to have a wonderful and thoughtful Dad! (tara na, yayain mo, Fridays kamo!)hehe

  4. Oh, what a sweet post from a dad. She's so cute, and it's wonderful that you are together. Happy birthday to your daughter. May she grow ever healthy and pretty.

    Natuwa naman ako sa February, saktong sakto.

  5. salamat sa trivia... :)

    huwaaaawww! ang galing ng transformation ni bea. naku eh in a decade may dalaga ka na pala kuya.

    happy birthday Bea :)

  6. happy birthday Lil pink lady of riyadh...ang cute ni bea...

    ayos ang trivia

  7. Kaya pala pareho tayong sexy, intelligent and sweet, pareho tayong Feb! Happy birthday dear Bea. Haha, feeling close ba?

  8. Bea says, Thank you, Tita YellowBells and Tita Jo.

    RJ, yung handa, birthday party nalang dun sa kanilang kindergarten class. Courtesy of McDo!

  9. Bea says, thank you Tito Kenjie!

    Katz, thank you for the wish!

    Tita Azel, thank you!

  10. Tito Dacz, salamat! Gift ko?

    Tita Sheng, that's what make us Aquarius unique. Thank you!

  11. Happy birthday, Bea. And happy birthday too, Ed. I was smiling while looking at Bea's photos and transformation. (Naisip ko, ano kaya ang magiging itsura kung ako naman ang gumawa ng ganun sa sarili ko? Katawa-tawa siguro. O kaya nakakawalang-gana. Hehe).

    Bea is one lucky girl, Ed, for having you and your wife as parents.

  12. Happy Birthday Bea! I admire your photo collections parang nainspired din akong gumawa ng ganito hahaha....so Feb rin pala ang anak mo, sumpungin ba?? Kasi yun bunso ko Feb din wala namang sumpong, topakin lang LOL. You're very fortunate to bring and be with your family as OFW and to see Bea grows each year. Iisa palang ba? Kung isa palang dapat sundan mo na ;-)

  13. Nebz, thank you and Happy Birthday din sayo!

    Sardz, ganun ata pag Pebrero, kung hindi sumpungin, me topak. Oo, nag-iisa lang kasi mahal ang pagkagawa. Sabi nga pala ni Bea, Salamat Tita Sardz!

  14. You git a cute little girl. Happy Birthday to her ! Bigyan mo na ng kalaro habang bata pa :)

  15. bw, I can't afford it. It already cost me an arm and a leg to have her, from conception to birth.

  16. Belated Happy Birthday to your dearest Bea! You and your wife are truly so blessed!

  17. People born in the month of February are special. Hindi tayo kulang-kulang, sila ang sobra-sobra! ;D
    Happy birthday to both of you!!!

  18. Panderos, thank you, pards!

    Pam, LOL! We love our own! BTW, Happy Birthday din sayo. Give my regards to Charlie and the kids!

  19. muntik pa palang maging magka-birthday si bea mo at si yohan ko. hehehe. happy birthday sa iyong cute daughter.

    tama ka, "family status" ang pinakaaasam ko. laging looking forward sa araw na mabiyayaan ng ganyang pagkakataon na hindi lang one month a year makikita ang pamilya at para masubaybayan ang paglaki ng anak. someday i hope.

  20. ardyey, alam mo, if you make yourself "indespensable" in your company, you may demand some quirks. And you'll realize your dream sooner than later.