Monday, January 25, 2010

Being In a Wrong Place at a Wrong Time

Fortune, it seems, remains a stranger to some people whose only deed was to seek a better life and a place under the sun. Take the case of Jason Aguilar who is unfortunate to have a namesake with an allege killer and an entry date in Qatar on the same day the crime happened in the Philippines. That is just too much a coincidence and bad luck to a poor guy.

Another case is that of Jakatia Pawa, a domestic helper in Kuwait, who is accused of stabbing her employer’s daughter to death. But this time, not only her employment but also her life is at stake.

A lot of speculation surrounds this case. But if we take into consideration the evidence reported here and what an embassy official said (aired on TFC) about the daughter having an affair with a neighbor, I can also speculate that this maybe a case of “honor killing”, and framed an innocent helper for the misdeed. The sad thing is we have to beg for their mercy and ask for their forgiveness on something we didn’t do. It is unfair, but if you’re an expatriate in these parts of the world, your rights are limited, your freedom is restricted and your safety depends on how you obey the laws of the land.

I have no sympathy for our incarcerated kababayans caught gambling, womanizing and drinking alcohol. They know it’s against the law, still they did it. I have no pity to those couriers of illegal substance, and then admit their stupidity and ignorance when caught. The same feeling I have to those caned for throwing chewing gums on the streets of Singapore. But my compassion goes to those who are innocent yet languishing in some foreign jails and in some cases forgotten by our government.

For those of us who are “lucky” enough, be wary of your surroundings and people around you. Remember “trust” and “confidence” are expensive commodities. Don’t give it totally.


  1. I agree much with your gentle reminder about trust and confidence. Nakakalungkot rin na yung kababayan pa yung nagpapahamak sa kalahi niya minsan.

  2. yeah... TRUST is more valuable than GOLD lalo na sa ating mga expats...

    i'm praying that the TRUTH be known... lalo na sa mga kabayang biktima ng injustice sa buhanginan!

    "Ignorantia legis neminem excusat"

  3. there should always be a benifit of the doubt, cant trust anyone completely specially with your life. always keep a secret that you alone knows about, dont even tell it to your partner in'll never know what dangers is around.

  4. Ms.Jo, yes, I've heard stories of kabayans duping fellow kabayans.

    Azel, true, hindi lahat ng "friendly face" ay friendly. And yes, when it comes to the law of the land, ignorance is not an excuse.

  5. sana naman hindi na dadami pa ang ganyang mga sitwasyon. kakalungkot isipin.

  6. Thanks for the reminder Mr. Blogusvox. Oh I missed your blog! I have to take time reading them backwards!

  7. In some countries people have rights but the justice system is corrupt while in others, people have absolutely no rights and freedom to defend themselves which is scary. In the latter case, ingat, iwas and following the rules at all times is the the best approach.

  8. YellowBells, naku mahirap yang may tinatago kang sekreto sa hubby mo. Ano ba yan, secret bank account?

    donG, hindi natin masasabi yan. Hanggang may uma-alis na OFW, may posibilidad na mangyayari ulit yan.

  9. Kenjie, musta ang bakasyon? Dinig ko, todo "alapar" kayo ni NJ sa P-yups!

    bw, true bro. As long as you follow the rules, you're on the safe side.

  10. Trust and confidence signify the same thing and these things cannot be demanded for they are being earned thru love and faith.

    I have followed Jakatia Pawa's on internet and TFC, and I pray that may Allah touch the heart of Emir of Kuwait and extend his exclusive and unconditional pardon to Ms. Pawa.

  11. My sympathies and prayers go to Jakatia and hundred others who once dreamt to end the cycle of poverty in their family by going abroad. Tapos in the end, buhay pa nila ang kapalit sa isang munting pangarap. Life is filled with ironies. Bakit nga ba sila pa? Bakit hindi na lang iba na malakas ang loob gumawa ng masama?

  12. I learned the french way, dont be fooled by friendly smiles.A hidden agenda might be looming.

    There's so many injustice in these world, kahit mabuti na ang isang tao, circumstances still played a role.


  13. Pope, true, but sometimes wolves disguise themselves in sheep's clothing.

    Nebz, don't worry, they will have their judgement. That's karmic cycle.

    Francesca, in big cities where you meet people of all walks of life, you can't help but suspect any thing. Even when it's just a simple smile.

  14. My heart breaks every time I read news about Filipinos who are not lucky enough and have to experience those hardships of being away from the family and then later on be accused of something that they've never done. And you're title is really true, "Being in a wrong place in a wrong time" oh ang tadhana nga naman pag naglaro sa tao minsan masakit at minsan humahagupit talaga sa sakit.

  15. This is actually my greatest fear... be accused of a crime in a foreign land na hindi ko naman ginawa.

    Mabilis akong magtiwala sa tao, yan ang kahinaan ko. Salamat sa reminder.

    With the case of Jason Aguilar, may malaking pagkukulang ang mga nasa awtoridad ng pamahalaang Pilipinas. Di ko na sila iisa-isahin pa, alam na ng karamihan kung sinu-sino ang dapat managot sa kapalpakang 'yon.

  16. Sardz, wala tayong magawa kundi maki-simpatya.

    RJ, yes, dapat lang tayong mag-ingat. Lalo ka na, at nag-iisa ka dyan. Madaling makipag-kilala, ngunit bigyan ng panahon bago makipagkaibigan.