Thursday, December 31, 2009

Samot-Sari ‘09

A couple of nights ago I woke up to find my wife watching “Shootout ’09” on TFC. It’s a talk show whose topic was to highlight and discuss the Philippines' best and worst events in 2009. What caught my attention was the way it was presented. The setting was informal; using a typical office environment as backdrop and the participants are clustered around a cubicle. It depicts something like a casual conversation among co-workers. Para bang iyung karaniwang tanawin sa opisina nang gobyerno o di kaya sa pribadong tanggapan pag wala ang amo. The subjects were interesting and the exchanges of ideas were stimulating. This prompts me to share my personal opinion on some of their topics.

MMFF and “Inde” Films
I seldom watch pinoy movies. I can count in my fingers the number of Pinoy films I’ve watch since the days a double-feature cost 50 centavos. It has nothing to do with anti-nationalist, un-pilipino and other boo-boo. It simply bores me to watch a movie where you know, most of the time, what will happen before it happens. Besides, seeing Bong Revilla commenting something like “It’s not about the award. Ang mahalaga ay makapag bigay saya sa ating kababayan” and then adding “hindi pa ako nanalo ng best actor” only makes him looked phony even more. Why enter in a competition in the first place, if his “noble” reason is just to entertain and not win an award? Who ever believes the significance of this “award” doesn’t know any better. Urian? Yes! MMFF? They can have it! Take it, take it!

On the other hand, our “inde” films made some marks in the international arena. And it empresses me to know one even won The Best Director award in Cannes. But when Karen Davila lamented on its unpopularity among local movie goers, my answer is, because the casts are unknown. Movie owners know this, that’s why they seldom support it. Put Sharon or Juday in it, tingnan lang natin kung hindi tatabo yan sa takilya. Papatok yan at bibilhin pa rin ng tao kahit ang kabuohang estorya ay paulit-ulit lang. If you doubt me, watch some old Sharon, Dolphy or FPJ films. Si Sharon palaging api. Si Dolphy, bading. At si Fernando, pabugbog muna bago uubusing mag-isa ang ‘sang katirbang goons.

Just like in politics where we vote the person and not his political platform, we also patronize pinoy movies on how popular (controversial?) its leading casts. Disregarding the merit on how good an actor portrays a role. A good story line is just an add-on.

Manny Pacquiao, I would say, is a unique athlete, a man whose feat happens only once in every two or three decades. Not only did boxing make him filthy rich, his achievements make us proud being Pinoys and puts the Philippines on the map once again.

But one should also know ones limitation. I don’t know if all his “blessings” went up his head. But to believe in oneself, I’m a good singer and actor or enter politics leaves a bad taste in my mouth. One can’t help but think if his either surrounded my yes-men or by people whose intention is to partake in his billions.

No doubt, the kid got talent. She was my bet when she’s just starting in that talent show some years back. Pero nakaka-umay din when every time you see her, all she does was ape Whitney Houston or Mariah Carrey. She’s like a jukebox where all the records play “…and aaaaayyyy-eyay-eyaay will always love youuuu oh wooo… ”.

Joey Reyes put it bluntly when he said “She’s a novelty”. Categorically, he puts her in the same level as Yoyoy Villame, along with Lito Camus and Willie Revellame. The sad thing is if she can’t find her own identity, she’ll definitely end up as a novelty act. A filler, pang patay ng oras habang ang “main act” ay bumibihis at mini-“make-up”pan pa.

Tita Cory and Ondoy
Corazon Aquino’s administration maybe rated as “pasang-awa”. But even if she took the responsibility with reservation, she did her role, performing her job to the best of her ability.

Many of you weren’t born when Martial Law was declared. Many of you are too young to understand what it is like living under a dictatorship. During those times when we need a rallying point, she reluctantly stepped forward. I was one of those thousands who responded when the call to protect the two military camps was announced. Because of that shared event, I felt a special affinity towards her. The feeling I felt that day will never leave my mind.

I’ve experienced that feeling again when I saw those multitude of people lined up on the side of the road when her remains passed by. I’ve witnessed again as people from different walks of life become one in feeling and purpose. I realized that it takes a special event to awaken the nationalistic spirit that lays dormant inside us for so long.

That spirit manifested once again when Ondoy visited us. We saw how gallant our kababayan are in facing a disaster of that magnitude. We saw how some of them risked their lives in order to save other lives. We saw how those who weren’t affected, chipped in, sacrificing a day’s wage in order to send relief goods and financial aid to those who were affected. We saw how complete strangers helped one another, holding hand-in-hand, united in believing that we shall overcome this calamity.

This is the spirit that left us for so long. It takes a gracious, charismatic lady to pass away and a devastating typhoon for her to return. Grab her. Put her in our heart and mind, for she will guide us to a better future as a nation.

These ends my rant for this year! See you in 2010!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


  1. I agree much with your comment about Charice. Manny, I hope, would come to his senses soon to know his limitations and responsibilities. I hope to catch the replay of Shootout 09 episode.

    Happy new year to you and your family!

  2. Have a blissful new year kuya!

    I hope our beloved Philippines will have a better leader (with the mind to help the nation and the heart to help its people!).

    Sana. Para maging masaya at masagana ang 2010!

  3. Happy new year Mr henyo....
    I think the title of that is SHOUTOUT...parang pang facebook na sabi ni Ruffa and Ai anong SIGAW mo today friendship lol

    I agree wit ur comments lalo na ung kay Charice(fan ako noon lol)kuhangkuha mo ang pagbirit nya ah youuu wo hhoooh lol sabay hagis ng mikropono sa kabilng kamay lol...

    Hayayay nakakamiss manood ng sine simula ng mapadpad ako sa buhanginan nawala ang bisyo kung yan kahit mga programa sa fm station noon sa pinas pinapatulan kung sumali sa contest para manalo ng free tickets for the premiere night lol

    happy new year

  4. Ms.Jo, tingnan mo sa ANC, baka ipalabas ulit. Happy New Year din sayo.

    Azel, ayoko ko na ng word na "sana". Gawin natin para may kahihinatnan. Manigong bagong taon din sayo. : )

    dacz, kuhang-kuha ba ang birit (LOL!!) Happy New Year din sayo!

  5. 2009 made us proud to be pinoys. of manny and penaflorida and the bayanihan spirit amidst tragedies and calamities.

    here is hoping for a better 2010. happy new year.

  6. Isang pagsang-ayon sa iyong mga pananaw sa nabanggit na TFC New Year presentation na pinamagatang Shootout, sa kabila ng mga tagumpay ng ating kapwa kababayan sa iba't ibang larangan ng sining, palakasan at kabayanihang ipinamalas sa taong 2009, hindi pa rin kayang malimutan ang mga kahinaaan at kahihiyan ng ating pamahalaan.

    Nawa'y sa pagpasok ng panibagong taon, tayo mismo ay maging bahagi ng ating pinapangarap na pagbabago ng ating bansa.

    Mula sa Arabian Gulf, kami ay bumabati ng isang mapagpalang Bagong Taon.

  7. Nagtataka ako, bakit kapag kayo ang magbigay ng mga opinyon, nod lang ako ng nod?! Your observations and analyses of our 'world' in 2009 are the very good reasons for me to watch out more from The Sandbox in 2010.

    A happy new year to you and your family, Mr. Blogusvox!

  8. Your spot on with the analysis of the state of Pinoy movies bro :)

    as for the Pacman, diyata he is undergoing that state of self actualization, in something other than his innate and terrific, unique boxing skills. I say he should WAIT until he is through with boxing !

    Cheers to you for the new year bro. Hope you have an explosive celebration :)

    tawa ko ng tawa habang binabasa to e, totoo naman kasi,di naman sa hindi ako makabayan pero pagdating sa mga pelikulang tagalog,kahit ilibre moko wala akong papanoorin,
    sayang oras, sayang pera, ang
    daming sayang hahaha.

    yung kay charice, totoo yun,talented naman yung bata pero bakit kahit saan at kahit kelan palagi nalang yun kinakanta nya?bakit di sya bigyan ng original na pwedeng kanya, kahit naman yung note to god di rin
    sya ang original na kumanta(si jojo)
    sana e wag ng puro ganun nakakasawa na,
    at isa pa diko talaga gusto yung
    mga kantang puro tili,sumasakit ang ulo ko,ang music makikinig ka e para marelax di para ma stress hahaha.
    my mga taong di nasisiyahan sa mga blessings na tinatamasa nila, pati yung mga di nila dapat pasukin e pinapasok, sana e mauntog si manny at wag ng tumakbo sa wag na ring gumawa ng pelikula at tigilan na ang kakakanta sa tv, sa bahay nalang nila hahahaha.

    may you and your family, including all the loved ones, have a prosperous 2010.

  10. Lawstude, happy new year din sayo!

    Pope, malakas ang patama sa gobyerno ng nagdaang kalamidad. Napatunayang hanggang tag-araw lang ang kanilang pakikitungo sa madla. Inutil na padating ng tag-ulan.

    RJ, salamat. Manigong bagong taon din sayo!

  11. bw, I think Manny is undergoing more a "state of hallucination" rather than "self actualization". >: D

    bertN, same to you, bro!

    Lee, may you also have a prosperous new year. Ingat dyan sa mag singkit!

  12. Our sentiments exactly. I'm especially moved by your last paragraph. Nagtataka rin na may halong lungkot kung bakit laging kailangan ng krisis para lang magsama-sama ang Pinoy. And I wonder, again with sadness, why we easily forget.

    Sana sa 2010, especially with the coming elections, may magbagong maganda sa Pinas.

    Happy Three Kings, Ed!

  13. AMEN sa lahat ng sinabi mo hehehe; Happy New Year Blogus!

    Si Pacman dapat magboxing na lang wag ng kumandidato pa, ginagamit lang talaga siya ng mga nakapaligid sa kaniya, dapat nga tumigil na rin siya sa boxing at mayaman na siya at para tumigil na rin ng kakapunta ng asawa ko sa Pacland forum LOL

  14. Nebz, saan ka na "moved"? doon sa "Happy New Year everyone"? : ) Happy 3 kings din!!

    Sardz, I have a theory that Pacman thinks the best way to protect his investments sa pinas is to become a congressman. Anong magagawa mo, hanggang doon lang ang kaya ng pag-iisip ng tao.

  15. ang ondoy ang hindi ko malilimutan. akala ko dati tama na yung maranasan si milenyo.

    charice and pacman they made us proud. sana nga laging silang humble.

    cory... very inspiring.

  16. happy 3 kings, late na hahaha.

  17. donG, salamat!

    ALiNe, happy new year at 3 kings sayo!

    Lee, happy 3 kings din at happy valentine!! : D

  18. AlyciaSweat, sorry but all I can read is xxx383, wewet, ut and iput, which is garble to me. I think we're from different planet. : )