Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Going Back Home (Part 3)

The following morning, we went to Cebu (we’re staying in Mactan). They pointed to us another of Mactan’s tourist spots, one of the most expensive lamp posts in the whole world. Each one cost P90,000 (kuno) and there are several hundreds along the way. Unfortunately not a single one works after the ASEAN summit.

We crossed over to Cebu using this new bridge courtesy of the Japanese government.

Magellan’s Cross
Like any other new comer in Cebu, it’s not complete if you haven’t seen the very cross, so they say, brought by the Spaniards, the first time they stepped on our soil. Amazingly, after more than 400 years, it still looks brand new, like it just came out of the carpentry shop.

I have to shove several Korean tourists to get a better view of the ceiling.

Taoist Temple
This landmark is located in a higher elevation built by the Chinese community of Cebu. It sets atop Beverly Hills, supposed to be the enclave of money eyed citizen of the city, akin to Forbes Park of Manila.

A multi-tiered temple. Similar to where Bruce Lee was to meet and fight different martial art experts at different stages. Sayang na dedo sya bago narating ang next level.

A view of Metro Cebu from the Temple.

If Hong Kong have Victoria’s Peak, Cebu have what they plainly called “Tops”, probable because it’s nestled at the very top of a hill. From there, on a clear day, you’ll see the whole of Cebu and even the island of Bohol. The scenery is breath-taking, so they say, especially at night.

Unfortunately fog was developing as we climbed up Busay Hill.

We console ourselves by taking this picture with the fog as background. Lovely isn’t it?

A unique formation of picnic tables, the only consolation I got in going to the Tops.

So far what I experienced, after climbing steps at the temple and the cold temperature at the tops, is a pain in the butt (literally speaking). We have to pass by a drugstore to buy a box of "Salonpas" before we went home and called it a day.

Next na lang ang Boracay and Manila adventure ha? Mahaba na kasi ang post na to.


  1. Namiss ko bigla ang Cebu. =) Naalala ko nung before ako nakapagpapicture ng solo sa Magellan's cross, inabot yata ng half hour sa kakahintay na matapos ang mga Korean and other tourists. The Beverly Hills of Cebu is so grand 'no? Taoist Temple had few visitors when we came. Sobrang naenjoy ko naman sa Tops. Kahit na super lamig that time. Foggy din kaya dahan dahan lang sa pagdrive. I loved your family picture. Cool ang porma mo ha? =) Did you drop by to Plantation Bay?

  2. ganda nung picnic tables...
    unique talaga.

    may Boracay pa? sulit ang pag-uwe.
    im sure, homesick ka pa until now... hehehehe!

    aabangan ko ang susunod.
    maganda ang "view" sa bora...

  3. Sinulit talaga ang uwi ah, hehehe, how long have you been in Riyahd na walang uwian?

  4. Ms.Jo, thanks, as for beverly hills; all the shipping tycoons of cebu (Sulpicia, Aboitiz etc) lives there. And no we didn't go to plantation bay, masakit na ang puwet ko.

    Azel, oo, 1st time ko ring makakita ng ganyang picnic tables.

    sheng, we go home every year naman, pero ngayon lang nakapaggala ng husto, dahil malaki na si Bea.

  5. namiss ko bigla ang cebu :(
    i specifically love the "tops"
    the last time i was there... every night hang sa umalis ako ng cebu pumupunta kami sa tops.. lahat ng pinuntahan nyo sa cebu na posted photos.. pinuntahan ko din...
    and namiss ko rin tuloy yung isang XYZ ahihihihi...

  6. the last time i was in cebu was three years ago, business trip pa. i wish i would have time to go to the places you've been to. sana...

  7. Magaling kayo sa photography.

    Parang hindi ako dinala ng mga kaibigan ko du'n sa Tops ah.

    May mga pictures din po ba kayo ng mga seafoods? Yun bang 'A Taste of Cebu'. o",)

  8. Yanah, ano ba yung XYZ, ahihihihi. : )

    R-yo, walang mangyayari kung puro sana. Planohin mo kasi ang bakasyon mo para enjoy ka. Isama mo si Anonymous from Cavite para masaya.

    RJ, hehehe, ang photography ay isang hilig kong nakaligta-ang e practice. As for seafoods, yung guide namin palagi kaming dinadala sa Shoot-To-Kill resto (sugba-tula-kilaw). Yun bang mamimili ka ng fresh seafood sa palengke, tapos sila ang magluluto para sayo.

  9. I'll make it a point to visit Cebu next time I have a chance. I don't remember anything about it anymore except the name. It has been so looooong.

  10. Napakatagal na ring hindi ako nakapasyal sa Cebu, kung ilang taon na ako sa abroad ganun din ang tagal na hindi ko nakita ito, 17 long years.

    Beautiful shots of beautiful places and people...thank you for sharing your happy moments.

  11. cebuanos are great people. di ako magsasawa na bumalik sa cebu. =)

  12. been to cebu many times even stayed there but i never had the chance to go to tops! hehehe... now i miss cebu.

    we'll look forward to boracay and manila.

  13. Ang ganda naman. Actually we are planning ni Shie na magstay or buy ng property somewhere Cebu or near Cebu, parang peaceful dun, at wala masyadong gulo, at pollution.

    Thanks for this post, I have to zoom the family photo sa Tops para makita ang idol ko. hehehe

  14. XYZ kuya yung mga nakaraang factor sa buhay natin ahihihihihi

    may sutukil sa cebu diba?

  15. bertN, may I recommend that you pass by Bohol. We didn't pass by the island because of time constrain but they say its also worth the trip.

    Pope, hindi rin pala tayo nagkakalayo sa numbers of years na nilagi sa ibang bayan.

    donG, for me, Cebu is just like Manila but less noise and pollution.

    Kenjie, sa Mactan marami pang property na available at a lower cost.

    Yanah, ahihihi, playgirl ka rin pala noon. Oo, may sutukil doon, pinaliwanag ko nga kay RJ.

  16. ka bute, yes, they are friendly people. Welcome and thank you for passing by.

  17. honga poh... mukhang hindi ako nagabsa ng mga komento.. bira ng bira si yanah.. ahihihihi

  18. nice may "tops" area pa sila ala Victoria Peak =D.

  19. Blogusvox, sa mactan marami pa? denedevelop nila ang mactan ngayon diba, and madali na lang ang byahe kasi may lapu lapu bridge. Hmmn, baka may kakilala ka dun na realtor. magreresearch din ako sa net.

    Salamat Blogz

  20. Funny, when I was in Cebu a group of Koreans were also with me looking at Magellan's Cross and they were all over the pictures I took. If I'm not mistaken, the real cross is encased within that dark brown one to protect it.

    I loved the Taoist temple when I was there. Plenty of photo ops. Now I'm really sad I didn't get to see Tops.

  21. "Each one cost P90,000 (kuno) and there are several hundreds along the way. Unfortunately not a single one works after the ASEAN summit."

    hehehe.. maybe they cost too much to power up :) Baka pang porma lang sa ASEAN summit ;)

    Nice pics bro. Cebu is interesting and pretty. Makapunta nga next time sa bakasyon ko :)

  22. I missed this post kaya late na reply ko, ang ganda pala ng Cebu and I like the picnic tables too, so unique :-) and sa wakas nakita ko ang happy family mo hehehe

  23. I've been meaning to go to Cebu. Hanggang Iloilo at Roxas City lang ang narating ko eh. Glad you're enjoying your vacay in pinas with the family.

  24. yanah, each olrayt! : )

    theo, inuona mo kasi ang Hong Kong kesa sa Cebu eh.

    Kenjie, merong camella homes subdivision sa mactan.

    Kat, obiquotous talaga yang mga koreanong yan ano.

    bw, yup, pang porma lang, like our government. Puro porma but nothing substantial inside.

    sardz, thank you, sa susunod yung pic mo naman ang e-post mo ha.

    mari, nanduon ka na pala sa panay, hindi ka pa pumuntang aklan o di kaya sa boracay.