Thursday, July 17, 2008


I’ve compiled some facts about my city some “kabayans” back home might find interesting and maybe unbelievable. Unless of course they have OFW relatives.

1. A liter of water cost twice as much the price of a liter of gasoline.
2. Almost each block has a gasoline station but it’s difficult to refill your tank if your vehicle runs on diesel.
3. It’s normal to drive at a speed of 100 kph inside the city.
4. Everywhere you go you find malls and their still planning and building bigger malls.
5. The city zoo has viewing schedule for women and children and another for men only.
6. There is no “tingi”. You have to buy the whole box, for example medicine containing 24 tablets, when all you need is 2 for your headache.
7. Electricity is ten times cheaper per kilowatt-hour than what MERALCO is charging.
8. They have several words for “rain”.
9. Greetings among relatives are like rituals. It takes sometimes just to say hello to a family.
10. Gold jewelries are not priced according to craftsmanship but by weight in gold.
11. They also believe in spirits and sorcery.
12. There are no cinemas, theaters or cable TV.
13. Locals prefer tea than coffee.
14. Women are not allowed to drive.
15. They use vehicle to herd camels and sheep.
16. Only citizens and companies are allowed to own a pick-up truck.
17. They treat luxury cars (Porche, Rollsroyce, Lamborghini etc.) like any other car.
18. They don’t put markers (tombstone) on their cemetery.

… and a lot more but its religious in nature.


  1. pers taym ko dito. walang sinehan at cable tv? mahal pala tubig dyan no.

    kasimanwa, saeamat gali sa pagbisita sa pinaumang nga blog nakon. mayad ag hanaeang ka. haeong eang ag i link ta sa blog nakon para dali ta maagtunan...

  2. The city zoo has viewing schedule for women and children and another for men only.>>> talaga? kakaiba nga.

    100kph as normal drive speed... astig!

    astig nga tong post mo. kakatuwa kasi iba din talaga ang kultura at economy.

  3. are you in the middle east? gusto ko yang tungkol sa electricity ha. dito sa pinas, ang meralco bill humahabol sa food expenses :(

  4. I like the fact that a Rolls Royce is treated like any ordinary car. :D

    Why don't they put markers on their tombstones?

  5. Pards, I have a tag for you at my blog. I hope you can do it. Thanks in advance. :)

  6. It seems like everything there are subsidize by the government,I wonder if there are poor people there,if ever how many percent of their population?

  7. abou, meron naman kaming TV tru satellite. Free to air like MBC and Hotbird (european) and pre-paid like Showtime and of course the ubiquitous TFC.

    Saeamat sa imong pag bisita. I-link taman agud pirme man akong ga tambay sa imong blog.

    donG, re:zoo, may segregation ang gender dito, even in schools, buses and banks. In restaurants there is a "family" and "single" section.
    re: 100kph, malalaki ang daan dito. Normal ang 6 lanes.

    mari, yes I'm in the M.E., cheap ang electricity but food, like everywhere, are getting dearer too.

    panaderos, pinapark lang sa labas nang bahay. Yung cheding nga kinagargahan nang tupa.
    re: tombstone, in their holy book it is said that everyone is equal in the eyes of allah, so there should be no distinction between the poor and the rich mans tomb. But this is also done to avoid ancestor worship.

    caryn, thanks for visiting.

    ed v., oo, fuel and flour are subsidized. In remote places, water for the tribes are also subsidized. There are poor people but you don't see them often in big cities.

  8. 100 kph normal driving speed sa city - kaya pala sabi ng kaibigan ko, pag me aksidente dyan pihado me patay.

  9. Ka Rolly, kung minsan hindi ko ma-imagine kung papaano pumulupot ang Suburban SUV sa poste. The kingdom has one of the highest road accident in the world. They always remind their citizen on proper and safe driving thru ads pero matitigas talaga ang ulo.

  10. blogusvox,could be that the Kingdom has the highest road accident but you know what according to UN report Turkey is number one and next is south Korea.Yes sir!actually the major cause of death for young people here is first suicides because of tough edcational system and then traffic accidents.

  11. ed v., sa Japan din ata, yung competitive schooling nila leads to depression of children. Resulting to truancy and suicide.