Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Top 10 Expats/OFW Award

It was born when me and Mrs. Thoughtskoto was looking for some bloggers award and we notice no awards has been given to OFW or Expats bloggers. The Search Project was born out of the belief that even without monetary price, a mere recognition will make a blogger happy, as well as the instant fame which may come along with the winning. – Kenji (Organizer)

Twenty-eight days more and the race will come to its end. After that, the judges will tally the score. Popularity is just one criterion, the others are “blog content” and “metrics”.

I guess, it mean, even if you ask, persuade or threaten all your relatives, friends and town mates to vote for you (although they don’t know what the hell their voting for), that isn’t enough. A “landslide” or a “run-away” candidate doesn’t guarantee a laurel wreath. You still have to hurdle two more obstacles.

Blog Content
Maybe this indicates you have to write something inspiring, thought provoking or informative. So forget about it if you post what you did in the bathroom last night or what you ate for breakfast this morning and what you did in your garden last Sunday.

I presume this connote reader traffic in your blog. I don’t know how this is done. Counting visitors isn’t a good idea. Blog-hoppers might have just stumbled in your blog, find it boring and move on. My best bet is number of comments for each post. Zero comment may mean zero reader.

In conclusion, if you think this blog passed those 3 criteria, please vote for it. Pleeeease, I won’t take “no” for an answer. While you’re at it, please visit the following blogs;

Pamatay Homesick
Sari-saring Kulay
Sleepless In KL
Wits and Nuts

And if you find all of them interesting, don’t forget to vote for them too. Thank you.


  1. Matagal ko nang nakikita tong Top 10 Expats Award na ito, hindi ko naman hinanap ang mga criteria... Yun pala yun... OK.

    May current standing na po ba? Nalalaman po ba?

    Good luck! (,"o

    Boboto rin ako, ilang beses ba pwedeng bumoto? Sigurado bang walang "Hello Kenjie" na nagaganap dito? JOKE!

  2. RJ, huwag ka nang masyadong tanong. Iboto mo na lang ako at yung apat na blog na binanggit ko. Nandyan sa sidebar ang "voting center". Salamat. : )

  3. Hahahaha! OK po, sigurado 'yan. (,"o

  4. hehehe, wala po, wala po kami telepono. email lang...haha!

    Congrats po for leading here in the Middle East. I'll be posting the official blogsite of the search project as well as the criteria for judging this week sa Thoughtskoto. Sa sidebars po ng blogsite are the list and snippets ng mga post ng mga nominees and some features from the sponsors and the judges and what's in store sa mga winners. Goodluck po, and yes please vote for this blog!!!

  5. I just voted for you bro:) Hope you win the award. Asalam alaikoom :)

  6. Big thanks for the mention. More than the popularity, I think your blog is indeed representative of OFW writings. Your Buhay Buhangin series is truly one of a kind. =)

  7. Wow, that is so cool! All those blogs are in my blogroll and I am glad they are my blogfriends now, I am proud of you!

  8. wow naman, blogusvox. you're campaigning for us pa. you're such a gentleman. maraming-maraming salamat!

    and to all of blogusvox's readers, you can't vote many times because they keep track of your IP address. so make your vote count and choose wisely!

  9. bw, thanks pards, alaikum salam. : )

    Ms.Jo, salamat and BTW, your blog is acting strange again.

    sheng, thank you. It's nice to be one of the "in-crowd". : )

    Mimi, I consider all bloggers in my pasyalan list as virtual friends and that's the least I could do to a friend.

  10. btw, re: comments, i've read somewhere that most readers are lurkers, i.e. they don't leave comments. so few comments doesn't necessarily mean few readers :)

  11. Don't they have blog design as one of the criteria? I hope you'll win. You have my vote. :)

  12. Mimi, that means, numbers of comment isn't the answer. So, how do they measure traffic in a blog?

    Abaniko, from what I read in Kenji's blog, besides the top 10, they also have something like "the best in each region". But I don't know if blog design is a criterion.

    BTW, thank you very much for your vote.

  13. The Official website of the Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards with the current stats as of December 3 in the Voting Category can be found here http://pinoyblogawards.blogspot.com/

    The list of the SPonsors, judges, and nominees are also included in the sidebar. Within this week we will post the overall criteria in each category! Goodluck!


  14. Commenting process in my site was acting up again. Tried fixing it minutes ago. Hope it'll work this time. =)

  15. Congratulations to all 4. I've been to two of them and I can personally attest that Ever's and Wits and Nuts's blogs are high quality ones! Good luck to both! :)

  16. uy! tenk u! pards...di ko alam ganun yung criteria(eengot engot ako minsan)..ha ha ha.baka batukan ako ni kenji...itong pag blog kasi ang nakakadagdag sakin para mabawasan ang homesickness ko.

    salamat din pards!
    sa mga bloggers na katulad nito,marami akong natututunan.

  17. Ms.Jo, I think your blog is fixed because I noticed that your post is updated in my blog role.

    panaderos, pards yung 4 lang ang kinumusta mo? Yung akin hindi? (joke lang)

    Bomoto ka na ba? (joke lang din)

    ever, mabatukan ka nga nyan ni Kenji. Sumasali ka, hindi mo alam ang yung pinapasokan. : )

  18. naka boto na rin ako he he....

  19. "So, how do they measure traffic in a blog?"

    - I'm not sure. Probably thru some site like Alexa.

  20. ed v., maraming salamat pards.

    Mimi, medyo malabo. Example, if I'm blogging since 2006, my total traffic will be much higher than that who only blog on 2008. Even if his blog is very popular among readers. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  21. Mimi, I take back what I said. I went to Alexa and found out how they measure traffic. My only take is no points is accumulated if the reader is not an Alexa tool bar user. : (