Saturday, December 20, 2008

Response To Moonbat’s Diatribe

My curiosity was aroused when I found a “love letter” in one of my post. A certain Reyna Elena leaves a vindictive comment, and like a jilted lover, dared me to read his post about my participation in an incident in Ms. Sassy’s blog some 3 months ago involving him and a regular commenter named Trosp. I went to his blog and there I read the rest of his “hinanakit”.

So here’s my reply (the second person I’ll be referring to is Reyna Elena). You said:
“My advice to you is this: read the context of what Trosp wrote. Ganun ang pag-analyze nung counter response because I do not claim na mas mahaba ang aken kesa seyo. But I could tell you that my school is world class kahit hindi ako world class. It might puke you but I will really want you to puke with your nerdy comment.”

“when you defend a point, you need to read it’s entirety and not the comment left by KK”

First of all it wasn’t me who challenged you, it was Trosp. So I have no obligation what so ever to read your post. My intent was to push for a debate between you and Trosp when I said this:
" Who really cares about citizenships and credentials here? Your not applying for a job, are you? The point is Trosp challenged the veracity of what you said. The appropriate response is to prove his wrong. If we gauge this by the merit system, you’re not building up any points.”

But you didn’t respond apart from your first two comments here:
“knock! knock! knock! moonbats flying in the nite! AHEM! Did I hear somebody call my name?! Got passport, ready to show if necessary, including diplomas. Any takers???
pissed be with you ~fly~”

“ahh… forgot sum’tin… also have my voters registration - democrat (Go Obama!) …. err 4 presidential elections. someone please show me yours n i’ll show u mine. pissed be with you”

If you had reacted properly and immediately when somebody’s trashing your credibility and not 3 months later, I wouldn’t have wrote my comment below which was based from your comment above:
“It’s just that it irritates me when I see pinoys who think they are “holier than thee” just because they have a green passport, educated in some prestigious institution and earning above 90% of the population. Worst than that is when I see pinoys enamored, short of idolizing that kind of person, accepting every word they say at face value. “

As for my comment for KK, that’s directed to him and it’s between him and me. His a big boy now and can stand on his own two feet. You need not be his au pair.

I think that clears things up with regards to my involvement in that brouhaha. Let’s go to our credibility issue. You said this:
“Now, mahal ko kapwa ko OFW, pero this is one OFW na I’m not loving it. Si BlogusVox. If you are one know-it-all commenter, especially sa isang famous and well-known blogger na caliber ni Connie, aba you better stood your ground and prove to yourself na hindi ka judgemental. Well, isa pa rin ang olat na to who has no clue how read analintek review between Trosp’s thoughtless writings and what Kotsengkuba was saying. Problem solved. Isa pang tangang blogger to. Not bilibabol.”

I always base my opinion on what I read and observed. If you call it judgmental, so be it. In contrast, you call me names which are not commensurate to my intelligence level. Does that sound judgmental too? With regards to my visits on Ms. Sassy’s blog, I read her post because I find it interesting and informative along with the rest of interesting and informative sites in my blogrole. I don’t go there just because she’s famous or I want to “rub elbows” with celebrities which, by the way, seems like an obsession in your part. I have a feeling your one of those people who put on a nonchalant face but behind the facade, kinikilig at nagtiti-tili pag nakita si Nora Aunor.

I also noticed that you’re fond of using “street” language. What’s with that? US education and a taste of western lifestyle isn’t enough to shake off your former environment? For a highly educated person, as you claimed to be, I find inadequacy in your analytical reasoning. People less educated than you will have you for breakfast in MLQ3’s blog. Not “bilibabol” enough? Try this for size. I don’t write stuff full of “trashy slang” or post “second-hand” articles. Some call it “cut-and-paste” others call it “pseudo-plagiarism”. I call it “lack of imagination, creativity and sensibility”. Intelligence you may have but talent is something else to be desired. You see, I don’t find you obnoxious enough to warrant puking. Pathetic is a more appropriate description.

As for calling me “nerdy”, thank you. I’m proud of my “geekiness”. I can also pass a basketball in front of your face without you knowing what just transpired and play “chopstick” on the piano in 3 different tempos. My blog is my testament of my nerdiness.

You’ve said your piece and I’ve said mine. Let’s call it even. But unlike Trosp, I don’t go around making empty threats, however I do issue warnings. Don’t sass me again. If you think you’re “untouchable”, think some more. Me and my associates are in familiar territory while you and your cohorts does not possess that kind of expertise. I leave it at that. Happy holidays!

And as for this Pen Sortijas who keeps clogging my inbox with his/her complains: STOP it already, hindi ako ang Daddy mo!


  1. haha! Happy Holidays Ed, to you and your family! Masaya at madramang holiday nga ito. It just proves that you're really famous, aka celebrity... Ganun daw sa showbiz eh, maraming issues! But seems lumalaban ka on a higher ground. Very nice rebuttal!

  2. Huhmn, ibang klaseng pamasko po ito sa inyo ah!

    Mag-enjoy po kayo ngayong Christmas! (,"o

  3. hay, pasko na. me away na naman pala sa blogosphere. heheheh.

    pero in fairness, iba ito sa away ni reyna at nung mga uhugin at feeling aktibista.

    i don't know what started it all, usually i try to mediate. madalas kasi misinterpretation lang sa mga nakasulat ang dahilan.

    kumbaga, 2 guys would look at the very same picture and analyze it quite differently. ganun. besides, di naman magkakakilala pa ang mga bloggers kaya madalas nao-offend ang isa sa isa.

    like si reyna, he is one of those i call "brutally frank" people. i don't see any hipocrisy in her, like some of our kababayans.

    but that doesn't mean she is always right.

    like i always said, debate lang lagi. kasi pag me debate, mas lalabas ang mga inputs at lalabas ang mas tamang theory or info. pero me unwriten rule na dapat walang below the belt.

    i am also fond of suntukan. mano-mano lang. after magpapawis, let's shake each other's hand.

    o di ba. hay, haba na nga epal ko.

    meri krismas tsong! peace!

  4. Oh, what is this? Hehe, when I write a comment on a certain post, it's based on what i think of the post and not on personal knowledge of the person who wrote it, i just couldn't find myself trying to irritate people with my comments, i want people entertained with my posts, and when they think otherwise, they can leave me a comment i could read and be constructively criticized. Whatever happened that started this all, i don't know but one thing i'm sure, professional people don't go nagging at differences over the Net, for me, it's just so time-wasting. One comment is enough I guess. Happy Holidays Blogusvox!

  5. Kenji, salamat, Happy Holidays din sayo, kay Sheila at sa chikiting!

    RJ, sanay ako dyan. Merry Christmas din sayo.

    Buraot, it seems you know this guy personally but I like your outlook in life. Merry Christmas din sayo tsong. : )

    Sheng, good for you. Stay away from noisy people. It's bad for the karma. Happy Holidays din sayo!

  6. actually, di ko pa sya nami-meet ng personal. parang blogging friends, ganun. pero i actually like him kasi prangka. ganun lang naman sya.

    so kakabasa ko ng blog nya, parang kilala ko na sya as walang kyeme at walang halong kaipokritohan.

    lam mo tol, we all blog for different reasons, kaya mahirap i expect sa ibang bloggers ang expectation natin sa sarili natin.

    ika nga dito sa isteyts, we all are different so we only need TOLERANCE to get along.


  7. Tama si Buraot, isa si Reyna Elena sa prankang taong nakilala ko sa internet. Kahit hindi ko pa sya namemeet eh gusto ko na ugali nya na pagka pranka. Tsaka debate lang, walang asaran at below the belt.

    "I also noticed that you’re fond of using “street” language. What’s with that? US education and a taste of western lifestyle isn’t enough to shake off your former environment?"

    Hindi ko lang maintindihan ang gusto mong ipahiwatig dito sa sinabi mo. Ibig bang sabihin ay puro street language din kami dito sa pinas?

    Nagtatanong lang at Maligayang Pasko sa iyo. :)

  8. Buraot, true, maybe if we (reyna elena) have met on a different situation, we might have been blogpals too. : |

  9. Jepoy, kaya hindi "education" ang kinuha ko dahil maiksi ang pasensya ko sa pagtuturo. Itanong mo nalang sa baranggay kaptin nyo.

    Maligayang Pasko din sayo. : )

  10. wahahahaah! buraot ka din pala tulad ko eh. heheheh.

  11. LOL, I expected a "proper" answer. Oh well. :)

  12. sigh, sana maayos ng lahat, ganyan lang talaga yang si reynz garapal minsan pero matamis pa sa pakumbo,kung magkakakilala lang kayo ng husto alam ko magugustuhan mo sya at magugustuhan ka din nya dahil feel ko kung sweet sya maginoo ka naman at saludo ako sa inyo pareho.
    only last nite i noticed that meron palang medyo di pagkakaintindihan pero anu man yun wala naman ako sa lugar para gumitna kasi new palang din naman ako dito pero nakita ko naman na wala ka naman masamang posts at puro magagandat nakakaaliw and dun naman kay reyna may pagkabaliw ang mga posts nya kaya nabaliw na rin ako hehehe.
    sana maging maayos na lahat in future at sana maging masaya ang pasko nating lahat.
    Merry xmas to you and to your loved ones specially your little angel.
    God Bless and thank you for the visit.

  13. TwilightZone, nasabi ko na rin ang gusto kong sabihin. Kailangan e, para balanse. Napag isip-isip ko ngang burahin ang post na ito dahil sa paliwanag ni Buraot sa katauhan ng kaibigan nyo, kaso marami ng "comment". Unfair sa mga nag post ng kanilang comment. Pero para sa akin wala na yun, lipas na at hindi ko na inaalala.

    Merry Christmas din sayo at sa mga ka-tribo nating nandyan sa lupain nang mga Tsino.

  14. i hope things will get better. best thing would be to settle things down and forgive.

  15. maganda sa blogging napapahiwatig mo saloobin mo. kung negative man o postive ang naging reaction ng mga tao at least it means binabasa nila mga sinusulat mo. ika nga there are always two sides to a coin. Merry Christmas!

  16. hi mr. blogusvox..merry christmas!!!!! lamig na siguro dyan ngayon =D.

  17. Hi Blogus,

    I've just opened my inbox this morning (since last Saturday evening). Don’t mind that. It proves that we don’t really have a direct connection in this Reyna brouhaha.

    Merry Xmas to you and your family also.

    (I might as well continue writing this and copy and paste it to your blog post comment).

    I still have to read what’s in your blog today. Landline connection lang kasi ako which is a very big issue to that internet bully. This morally confused person is totally beyond tasteless. In my mind, he’s the person who would sell his mother for blog traffic. Exposing him and denouncing him in the internet as a bigot and an internet bully? He’ll love them. It’ll be a blog traffic to his site. I’m willing to expose him further for what he is – a small price to pay for a trade-off with his blog traffic.

    Reading his blog, just make it sure you’re not holding anything expensive if you want to read his blog. He should not mention that he is a Filipino. He’s our national embarrassment.

    Jeez, how I like to compare you and Sass’ commenters with his. Better I call them his ilk . Birds of the same feather. What kind of animals are these commenters/bloggers? Sacrificing their integrity for blog traffic? Morally confused? One thing I’m sure of – they are numb already if values and morality are the items.



  18. Just a rejoinder -

    This Reyna was admitting his blog is sleazy one and this is the way how he admits it in his blog -

    "Confused yet? Good. You see, there’s a lot of sleaziness with my current chorva. So, if you’re new to my blog, chances are that you will not understand anything of what I’m talking about and my entries will irritate you like bloody hell! Hahaha! After all, haller! this is Reyna, one pole dancer and a sexy sleazy blogger! Adored by men many, stalked by crazy! Hayup! kung sino man ang nag-sulat nang “Burds of the same feathers are lunatic forever!” titigukin ko! Anong klaseng balat ba ang kumapet sa pwetress ko’t that I seem to attract a lot of ogags at mga sira-ulo?! Grrr! Me don’t like! Intellectual ako, ba’t ako nasa column nang mga to?!"

    Morally confused? You decide.

    When I claimed in the blogsphere that his blog is a sleazy one, my definition of sleazy was based on this online freedictionary definition-

    a.Shabby, dirty, and vulgar; tawdry.
    b.Dishonest or corrupt; disreputable.

    If readers would like to read on where I am in this issue, below are some links-

    Cheers and Merry Xmas everybody!!!

  19. trosp, us, reyna's ilk?

    so if i pay bush his taxes, now i am his minion as well?

    you sound so high and mighty as the rest of those young "intellectuals" who wanted to clean up the blogosphere!

    i can only say you are one of them. naka-attend lang ng isang rally sa edsa, feeling mo makabayan ka na.

    as i have said, we all blog for different reasons. kung ang reason ng iba is to make a living, what is wrong with that?

    our national embarassment is people like you who couldn't accept differences. people who kept on shouting for change, for liberty yet kayo mismo ang gusto mang-apak sa freedom of speech. people who pretends to be democratic and liberal pero ang gusto lang ay ipilit ang kanila mismong mga linya, and nothing else. that is hypocrisy.

    even if i don't like what reyna is saying, i will still fight for his right to speak.

    i was trying to patch things up dahil misinterpretation lang naman talaga at di naman si blogusfox ang me problema ke reyna ikaw.

    and now, di ko na kelangan magpunta sa site mo, dito pa lang, kilala na kita.

  20. i do apologize to you blogusfox for my recent comment.

    and please, although alam ko na ok naman na sa yo at tapos na ang lahat, for the sake of fair play and free speech, wag mo sana i delete yung post mo na ito.

    salamat at peace sa yo.

    again, i have nothing against you. i have read your posts and i know you are way above some bloggers i know.

  21. donG, I've settled down already. I did some yoga breathing and thought some "happy place" na. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    anonymark, true and thanks for the visit. Merry Christmas to you too.

    theo, LOL, sa labas malamig pero dito pwede kang magluto ng "hot cake". Kumusta ang Hongkong? Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Trosp, haay, bahala ka na nga, kung iyan ang ikasasaya mo. Merry Christmas to you too.

    Buraot, re: "i know you are way above some bloggers i know"
    Salamat. Nakaboto ka na ba? (joke lang).
    Nandyan sa sidebar ang "voting center". (joke lang din) : )

  22. English is not one of my strong points but I always make it sure that I comprehend what I read. For example the words "ilk" and "minion".

    I've use the word ilk from the meaning that I've understood as below and I've compare the word minion from the same source of reference -


    *ilk (adjective): Obsolete same; like

    (noun): kind; sort; class: only in of that (or his, her, etc.) ilk, of the same sort or class: from a misunderstanding of the phrase of that ilk as used in Scotland to mean “of the same name (as the place he owns or from which he comes)” [MacDonald of that ilk (i.e., MacDonald of MacDonald)] and often used disparagingly

    *minion (noun)
    1.a favorite, esp. one who is a fawning, servile follower: term of contempt
    2.a subordinate official, deputy, or the like
    3.Obsolete a mistress or paramour


    *ilk (noun): Type or kind.

    *min•ion (noun)
    1. An obsequious follower or dependent; a sycophant.
    2. A subordinate official.
    3. One who is highly esteemed or favored; a darling.

    So Buraot you can't accept me as a different one? If you're not Reyna's ilk, I'll take your word for it.

    Cheers! Merry Xmas

  23. i honestly accept that you are different as well. but degrading other commenter/blogger who happened to be on reyna's side is unfair. besides i never took side. i was just peacemaking here.

    i would love to argue trosp. but hindi na. like what the author of this blog said, bahala ka na.

    ayoko na dagdagan ng bad comments ang blog ng me blog.

    pero it is useless arguing with somebody who had no sense.

    sabi nga ng lolo ko, mas sira daw ang ulo ko kung papatol ako sa sira.

    happy new year sa yo.

  24. Pards, I just stopped by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Ingat kayo lagi. Looking forward to reading more from your blog next year. Ingat. :)

  25. merry christmas..

    may kinagamo gid a gali hahaha.

    sabi nga ni trosp ceasefire na muna..

    abangan ang susunod na kabanata.:p

  26. Boy, I had to read the background to get a sense of what happened :)

    Well, all I can say is the culprit is the one who uses some blogger's website to berate another blogger. TROSP should have his own website to do his spiel or he should have visited Reyna Elena's blog directly. This should have been a one to one confrontation at a SINGULAR website. It is not fair to carry the fight on other people's blogs :( The mystery poster without a blog had screwed many people. I wonder why he was tolerated to do so. I would have second thoughts if someone came into my blog to berate another blogger duh. Not in my friggin' blog eh?

    I also don't agree with my enemy's friend is also my enemy. People simply give a pro or con comment and it is not prudent to bark at everyone who disagrees with them. One must take the fight to the one who started it all if he/she really wants to get even.

    That's just my 2 cents.

    Take it easy.. Have a glass of khawa sadiq :)

    Maligayang Pasko at Manigong bagong taon sa iyo at sa pamilya mo bro :)

  27. this issue between Reyna and Trosp, at nadamay si BlogusVox, nabasa ko to, nasundana ko din lahat ng comment at link, pati sa site ni MS. Connie sa house on a hill, sa site ni Reyna, at pati comment ni Kotseng Kuba at post ni Reyna about kay Palin that landed sa Huffington. So I think I have a glimpse of what's going on.

    Misunderstanding at pagalingan...masakit lang sa tainga ang mga swear words at foul language na nababasa ko...


    Ayan oh, leading sia sa Middle East, vote sa sidebar na poll.

    Hahaha. Happy Holidays sa lahat!

  28. Jon, same greetins to you and your family.

    panaderos, Happy holidays din sayo pards. Kita kits tayo next year.

    bw, you seems to know a lot of middle eastern culture. Do you have a stint here before you went to the states? Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

    Kenji, hehehe, salamat. Kaso nakakahiya baka isipin ng iba may kinikilingan ka.

  29. Had I just emailed Connie that link (in response to her looking for that Mat Damon video) instead of placing the link to Reyna’s post, there wouldn’t have been these huge mis-understanding(s).

    I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did had there no name droppings from Trosp. I wouldn’t care if anyone dis-agrees with his opinions, or questions his lack of proof, evidence or whatsoever. After all, we can’t convince the whole world to believe in what we believe or stand for. Kanya-kanya namang opinion ‘yan.

    Regarding my comment in Connie’s post where you reacted, I purposely raise his credentials because someone is trying to trample him by calling him names. I’m not trying to say that the kind of education weigh more than anything, I did that because I think that’s the best way I could do to defend him from being called names.

    Regarding his blog’s language, I believe he’s using it on purpose because from his history in blogging, that’s how his readers get a better grasp of what message or information he wants to convey. Pero it doesn’t mean he lacks breeding or proper education. Not that I’m trying to defend him, or accusing you of anything, he’s just using a kind of language that not everyone would understand unless you really know him.

    I’m not here trying to say someone is right or wrong. I’m just here to say someone did not felt so good when he was called names when his opinion was negated in some malicious way.

    Merry Christmas, Blogusvox! And Happy New Year too ;-)


    I did not read the comments here when I posted this. I hope everyone won’t mind.

  30. KK, well said and I apologize on my "knee-jerk" comment to you. Let's move on. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (I hope) to you too. : )

  31. madjik, ho-o ngani, haeakot ako sa away it mga agi. Mayad-ayad nga paskwa kinyo inha! : )

  32. I’m not using other’s blog to berate somebody. It all started when a blogger used somebody’s name as a reference in her blog. What I’ve done was to post a comment in her blog that the person she was referring to has also an other side. What I mean here if she did not use that person as one of her reference, then, there is no issue. (For me, in a forum or in a blog thread, once a personality or just any item is used by a commenter in the discussion, anybody can put up a comment which can be favorable or unfavorable for that personality/item.) I just did not drag the name of that person out of nowhere and put it in her blog. She used it as reference.

    The blog owner suggested that I post my comment in the blog of the person in issue. And I complied.

    Can you find anything offensive on the below comment which I want to be posted in his blog?

    “How about this one. Bigotry or what?

    (Caps are mine).

    knock! knock! knock!

    moonbats flying in the nite! AHEM! Did I hear somebody call my name?! GOT PASSPORT, READY TO SHOW IF NECESSARY, INCLUDING DIPLOMAS. Any takers???

    pissed be with you



    pissed be with you


    (You've posted them as comments on a houseonahill blog and not just some sort of journal in a Facebook).


    Pots calling kettle block (black) or a case of hypocrisy?”

    What I want to remind him was he was condemning the immersion girl and yet to my mind he could also be guilty of the same. So what did I get? (I always treat my email communication with anybody to be a private one and will keep it that way unless the other party request its disclosure. But different folks -different strokes, I’m disclosing, as I’ve done in other blogs, my exchanges of emails with him since he has asked for it).

    [This is his first email to me when I posted my comment in his blog (he did not post my comment).]

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2008 8:09 PM
    Subject: Fwd: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    Why hide? If you wanna fight me, why be a coward? Identify yourself.

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2008 8:15 PM
    Subject: Fwd: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    Oh, I put your comment on spam.

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 1:58 AM
    Subject: Re: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    Alright bastard! This is what you wrote against me. And by the way, I already know who you are. There is no privacy on the internet. Here's what you originally wrote:
    1. You said: if Reyna is a legitimate USA voter or she can comment authoratively on US political issue. (Could she be already affected by PDS?) Yes, bastard! I am American. I can vote. Do I have to apply for a certain license to authoritatively write about US politics?

    2. Oh, I called you bastard. You called me names first.

    3. And many more name calling.

    4. And then moonbat.

    There was another reader who defended me.

    Looked like I am not the one who is hypocrite. I read your response that you're not even an American. So, what's that deal?
    One of these days, I WILL OUT YOU.
    I expect your response.

    From: Pen Sortijas []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 9:30 AM
    To: 'OFW'
    Subject: RE: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    I’m not hiding my identity and I’ll not mind you calling me by any name you like.

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 9:40 AM
    To: Pen Sortijas
    Subject: Re: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    Understand that you were the one who started with the name calling. Keep that in mind.

    From: Pen Sortijas []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 9:51 AM
    To: 'OFW'
    Subject: RE: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    Oh yes and I’m very happy I was correct. Most of the time, you can judge a person’s character by just reading what he/she has written.

    I’m signing off now and I’ll be back this evening Manila time.

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 10:44 AM
    To: Pen Sortijas
    Subject: Re: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    You're damn right. Exactly how you wrote your stuff against! Please don't email me no more. I honestly don;t want to hear from you.

    From: Pen Sortijas []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 10:17 PM
    To: 'OFW'
    Subject: FW: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"

    Yup. You are correct. You will not see my mail in your inbox anymore. But those things that you’ve emailed could go a long long way in the blogsphere to unmask you and your sleazy blog.

    I’ve to reformat my PC tonight since you have contaminated it and I have to ask our parish (priest) to exorcise it tomorrow.

    From: OFW []
    Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 10:22 PM
    To: Pen Sortijas
    Subject: Re: FW: [reyna elena dot com] Please moderate: "Bidets in the Aeta community"


    No worries. You can send them all to the internet however you want. You might be interested with my next entry. It will be about you. I will social climb with you hahaha! You don't have to unmasked me, I don't think i blocked you.

    Welcome to my blog. In my entry, feel free to comment because I was befuddled with the similarity you have with Ellumbra.


    Just like what I've mentioned in my previous comment in this thread, please read the comments on the below links just for the sake of providing some clarifications: