Sunday, December 14, 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness depends upon ourselves. – Aristotle

I was tagged by Ms. Jo of Wits&Nuts to do this meme. It’s about happiness. To list six simple things that makes me happy.

1. My daughter – there is nothing natural on the way we got her. She was conceived outside the womb and brought out to this world unconventionally. I don’t know if you can put a price tag on five years of trying, nine months of “bed rest” for my wife and an ample sum of our savings. But it’s all worth it. The sacrifices we made I deemed irrelevant compared to the joy and happiness she brings us everyday.

2. Food – I may scrimp on some things but never on food. A hearty meal always makes me happy. Drain it down with a can of soda, burp and light a cigarette. Ahh… satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Work – I find fulfillment every time I encounter something new, face a challenging task or laboring for days to solve a difficult problem and then all of a sudden, Eureka! Problem solved! It’s like having an adrenalin rush.

4. Alone – once in a while I like to be alone. I go to the rooftop for a few minutes to be on my own. To forget about the world and its troubles for a while and gather my thoughts, dream and fantasize.

5. Hobby – I’ve been doing doodle since childhood. And to put on paper something I composed in my head brings some sort of gratification.

6. Friends – no man is an island and friends are there to depend on, come sunshine or rain, share secrets and just someone to talk to. And true friends listen to your stories even if they’d heard it from you a hundred times.

Some people finds happiness in material thinks, others on influence. But finding happiness shouldn’t be complicated. Just being true to yourself, experiencing life as it comes and go and striving in making the best of what you got, creates contentment. Happiness is how you see the big picture. It is a state of mind.


  1. So, that's how your daughter came to this world... Have you posted about it before?

    There are plenty of things that make us happy, I think... and most of these are just within our reach that we don't need to travel farther just to find them! Apparently, they're just inside The Sandbox! [In my case, they're probably just inside the four sides of the chicken shed! I hope I can find them, too.]

  2. RJ, I haven't posted how my daughter came to this world. One thing I can tell you, she's a product of modern science.

    There's a saying "seek and ye shall find" but be carefull what your stepping into... baka ipot ng manok. : )

  3. true it is a state of mind. It is fact that money alone doesn't bring happiness.It is nice to have it but having something to like to do, people to love and being excited about tomorrow are essential to achieve contentment :)

    We have heard of ultra wealthy people who become total recluse, fearing that someone will kidnap them. Their wealth became more of a liability than an asset !

  4. im happy when i am appreciated.

  5. ditto. i would never scrimp on food especially when my bf comes home to visit me. it's like food is the center of our relationship! :D

  6. I don't scrimp on food either, especially when food has helped strengthen my relationship with my gf. :D

  7. Wow, that's something i'd like to read, a post about how your beloved daughter came into this world. If you'd like to post it, i'll be sure to follow.

  8. yup, happiness can be found in simple things. like being home.. :-)

  9. wala nang hahanapin pa, meron kang malusog na beybi at bibo.he he he.

    ayos yung reply mo kay rj...ha ha ha.:)

  10. bwzone, yung mga "super-rich" iba ang mundo ng mga yun and their thinking is in a different spectrum. But you're right, they are more susceptible to the bad elements of society.

    Abou, who doesn't?

    Mari & Panaderos, sabi nga "The nearest thing to a lover's heart is through his/her stomach". : )

    sheng, maybe someday. I have to ask my wife's permission first. Kasi she's the leading actor here, supporting role lang ako.

    R-yo, magpakasawa ka muna sa Pinas bago magbalak na lumakbay ulit.

    ever, mas okay pag babae ang anak ano? Palaging naglalambing sa daddy.

  11. I'm happy most of the time kasi mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko

  12. Well money alone will not make you happy but at least it will quiet your nerve he he he .... anyway same here Im happy with my family and sure a fresh towel in the morning adds to it..:)

  13. bertN, good for you. Sometimes I wonder who is more blessed. The man living in a tower surrounded with luxury or the man living in a farm content the he ates 3x a day.

    ed v., true, especially in this trying times. It's good to know you have something save where you can dip your hand in case of emergency.

  14. yup congrats kabayan nakita ko nga ito dun sa pinakaunang post mo(halata bang nasuyod ko lahat haha)
    congrats sayo at sa misis mo sana lang palaging malusog at walang sakit.

  15. TwilightZone, salamat on your concern. Salamat din sa tyaga mo mong basahin lahat ang mga post ko at sana nakapagbigay aliw kahit papano.