Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ginintuang Tsenelas

I have a problem with the blatant celebrity exhibitionism that happens in this business and being sold purely as a brand. - Jason Patric

It’s difficult to shop for children’s wear. My daughter is tall and large for her age and not enough selection to choose from.

We’re cruising idly one weekend when we passed by a store which sells footwear. Carrying my daughter, I went inside to look around and I saw this purple rubber sandal. It’s soft, has fancy design and it fits my daughter’s foot perfectly. I took it and went directly to the cashier. I nearly flip when it registered 55 riyals. I rub my eyes thinking I’m having “double vision” but it remained five – five. I’m too embarrassed to complain or return it since a lot of people behind me are waiting on queue. I grudgingly paid for it and went back to the car. Anak nang tinapa, nong maliit pa ako nag kasya na ako sa “Dragon” at “Spartan” na tsenelas ah.

Later on at home, when some friends came to visit. I overhear somebody commenting “Uy si Bea naka-Havana”. What? Cuba has this kind of product? I thought they only export sugar and cigars. My wife whispered “its Havaiana not Havana. Na bingi kana naman. Sikat at mahal sa atin yan”. Havaiana, Havana, banana, I know. I nearly have a heart attack when I paid for it.

That sandals na pinapang-bahay lang nang anak ko won’t fit her in 6 or 7 months. Call me kuripot, but I’m not that kind of person who buys designer what-ever just to be “in fashion”. I’ll buy expensive stuff I like (within my budget of course) as long as I’m buying quality and not some famous over-valued brand name.

One thing for sure, when my daughter out-grows it, ilalagay ko yan sa escaparate. Besides some knick-knocks I considered valuable.


  1. nagtataka rin nga ako kung bakit ang mahal mahal ng havaianas e pareho lang namang tsinelas no? Meron kami nung mga anak ko kasi bigay ng pamangkin kong galing States. Buti kung bumili ko nyan e kuripot ako. Ang hindi ko lang tinitipid ang sarili ko, pagkain. hehe

  2. Same here Ka Rolly. Aanhin ko yang todo porma kung kumakalam naman ang sikmura ko.

  3. Hello.Blogusvox,this is ed Villanueva you are not inviting me to your blog so invited my self he he he

  4. Hi, ed v.Welcome to my blog. Dalaw ka uli.

  5. Really this days chidren are very choosy even in choosing tsinelas,like you have said when we were young spartan is good enough,my sister is just as a happy when mom bought her printed Bakya.well as for me,As long as your toe nails are clean any kind of tsinelas will do.

  6. You're right, like my pamangkin, when her father complained about the exorbitant price of her sandals. She reasoned "Flip-flop naman yan e. Lahat nang classmate ko meron."

    I think it has something to do with peer pressure.

  7. "I think it has something to do with peer pressure"

    yes I believe it's because of peer pressure kaya most of the kids/teens today (especially here in pinas) gusto ang uso!

    I rather have spartan than havainas sandals!

  8. theonoski, imo, hindi practical no? At least kung spartan magagamit pa ng mga bata sa tumbang-preso. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.