Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gaya-gaya Puto Maya: The K-12 Dilemma

Example has more followers than reason. We unconsciously imitate what pleases us, and approximate to the characters we most admire. – Christian Nestell Bovee  

My daughter is now in grade 1 and her school curriculum is based on the Philippines’ standard of education. But unlike public schools in Metro Manila, she absorbs 7 hours of quality education and her subjects are more advanced compared to most schools in the Philippines.

Obviously, DECs noticed the state of our education that they want to implement what they called K-12 program - our government plan of extending students primary and secondary schooling from 10 to 12 years. Like most of their “noble” vision, it’s out of touch with reality, too much talk but lacks planning and logistic.

Their main argument was that most countries are applying 12 years minimum education. Thus we should also do same to be competitive and on equal footing with the rest of the world. I’m a product of public school. But back then, our education was at par with the more expensive private schools. I don’t want to sound “elitist” but here in the Middle East, besides demonstrating “superior” know-how, our professionals can handle their own against other expats who have K-12 education. It is not how long you stayed in school but how much knowledge one absorbed and learned while schooling.

I admit the current public education in our country sucks. Most of their products are ill-prepared and possess half-baked knowledge. But extending the years of learning is not the answer. You may implement K-12, K-13 or K to the nth year but you’ll still get the same result as long as students spend 4 hours or less in the classroom per day and taught by uninspired or ill-equipped teachers. It’s not only taxing for the students, it’s an additional burden for the parents as well.

It’s not bad to emulate systems of progressive countries. But one also has to consider if what one is trying to imitate is applicable to ones need. Hinde yung gaya lang ng gaya kahit hinde kaya. It reminds me tuloy way back in the late ‘70s when we have a national power shortage. Macoy’s think-tank implemented a “Daylight-Saving-Time” to save energy by advancing the time by one hour. Kaya madilim pa, marami ng tao sa kalsada. This idea is applicable in the western hemisphere because on certain season, the sun is still up even when it’s already 8 o’clock in the evening. They could save electricity by availing on the lights powered by the sun. But the Philippines is situated on the tropics. The sun rises at 6 o’clock in the morning and sets at 6’oclock in the evening. Constant yan all year round kaya wala kang na-save kung hinde konting muta because you have to wake-up very early to go to school or work.

Ganyan ka "smart" ang mga so called think-tank sa gobyerno!


By the way guys, I’m going to set another “pa-contest” on my next post. Para yan sa blog-anniversary of The Sandbox, even if its already past its due date.


  1. korek ka dyan! mga Pinoy talaga puro gaya alam kahit hindi naman angkop sa kultura natin....naalala ko nga yun DST na yan e hehehe, dito hangggang 10pm maliwanag pa di tulad sa tin nasa bandang equator tayo kaya tama ka talaga muta lang ang save natin hahaha, natawa ako dun ha

    yun pandagdag ng 2 years sa education system natin kalokohan yan, problema lalo yan sa mga mahihirap, another pera at mga private schools, pera din yan para makacollect ng marami

  2. i just hope they address first the lack of classrooms and teachers first before implementing this K-12

    y may pa-contest. join ako dyan!!

  3. I always believe in quality over quantity. The only problem is when we apply for admission to university or further studies overseas -- because then they'd question why we are 'lacking' in the number of years of schooling and sometimes require our children to add, say, one more year of primary education before being admitted to secondary school.

  4. Sardz, agree, private schools tends to agree because additional income para sa kanila.

    Theo, correct! Address first the lack of classroom and quality teachers before implementing the K-12 program.

    Mimi, exception naman kasi yung further studies abroad and additional schooling in primary education sa ibang bansa. In these cases, the students are either scholars or have money. Hinde basta-basta ang education abroad if you don't have these factors.

  5. kulang na kulang sa pasilidad...ayusin muna.bago gumawa...

    isigaw ang kalayaan!

  6. ever, itaas ang kilay, ibagsak ang panty! Ay, este, itaas ang standard of edukasyon, ibagsak ang katiwalian pala! >: D

  7. sa totoo lang, ang gagaling talaga ng mga produkto ng public schools noon. pero ngayon, with four hours per day, and weak teachers, ayayayay!

  8. atticus, sinabi mo pa. I graduated from a pilot school where new technique and method of teaching are implemented. Para kaming "lab rats" subjected to experimentation. : )

  9. I am also a product of public school. The thing is, i see public schools today as something not worth going to, the students are as rowly as one could imagine. Okey lang kung nasa first section ang anak mo, your child is in good hands, but next to the first and second sections, expect your child to be displaying something different from what you may have taught them. BI classmates may be the cause of his change in attitude. K12 is good, but they should address the quality of the education we have rather than adding futile years to education.

  10. sheng, alam mo napunta ako dati sa section 4 noong grade 3 ako. I got sick kaya late ako sa enrollment and I was assigned to that section. Ako ang pinaka-matalino doon and the method of teaching is paulit-ulit. Kasi most of the students can't get it the first time. : D

  11. I admit the current public education in our country sucks. Most of their products are ill-prepared and possess half-baked knowledge.>>>> i must agree. though not on all areas but majority. kakalungkot isipin sana sistema muna ang ayusin.

  12. in the old days in Pinas, we start at grade 1 to grade 6 and then first year high school to 4th year. We graduate at 16 years old with only 10 years of schooling ! In those days, Kindergarten was private so most kids didn't go to kinder.

    So we have 10-11 years of schooling as opposed to kids in western countries having 14 years of public education ( JK,SK, grades 1 to 6 for elem, grades 7-8 for junior high and grades 9-12 for senior high) and they graduate from high school at 18.

    So which is better ? For one thing, 14 years of schooling will be so damn expensive for Pinoys whosend their kids to private school which seems to be the only way right now to get decent education! Now, for public schools, 14 years will be a lot of stress on the budget of the bureau of education who are already tight with the present 10 year program.

    14 years of education is certainly better than 10 or 11 but with the price of education in Pinas today, 3 more years will bankrupt most parents who are already struggling with the high cost of education. Unfortunate indeed.

  13. I remember one morning around 10am I was walking to a nearby mall and I had to pass by an elementary school. Nagtataka ako bakit andami daming bata and parents na nasa labas at that time. Yun pala uwian na! Parang, whaaaat? 10 am uwian na? When I was in grade school I stayed in school from 7-4.

    I went to a public school as well and although I can say my education there was good, I was witness to the discrimination. I was fortunately in the first section so our classrooms had complete chairs and everybody had books. Sa ibang section mga 3:1 ang books tapos sira sira ang chairs and sometimes students had to bring their own chairs. Sa first section we were around 30-40 students pero sa other sections as many as 80-100 students! Needless to say, all the other students hated us.

    True naman na kaya poor ang results na nakukuha is because poor din ang conditions. How can students learn in such an environment? Tapos yun nga ang skills ang teachers medyo nagdedecline na rin. Kung yung sweldo ng isang school teacher sa public school eh mabubuhay ako, I'd really want to teach Pinoy students. Kaso lang napakaliit ng sweldo ng teacher sa Pinas so maraming umaalis at natitira yung mga hindi masyadong capable.

    Sobrang napakalaking pahirap kung ang mga estudyante mag-aaral ng another two years pa, in poor conditions sa mga public school. At kung sa private school naman nag-aaral ang anak, eh napakalaking gastusin naman non. Dahil diyan, parang magmamatandang dalaga na lang talaga ako para walang problema hahahaha

  14. Dong, may punto ka dyan. Kasi yung mga schools with "science" on their name are still the best in the Philippines.

    bw, I would also like to have the best education for our country. Pero right now, I think our government should address first the over population of classrooms and the quality of our teachers. Saka na lang ang K-12.

    Kat, ganyan talaga ang buhay. We tend to give preference and pamper the "cream of the crop" of our society. Mapa eskwela man o trabaho.

  15. Hindi rin ako agree sa pagsulong ng K-12. Dapat magfocus muna sa pagresolve ng basic issues. And instead of pushing to add another year, why not augment the current curriculum.

  16. Ms.Jo, sa palagay ko, their idea is to put those "lost" hours doon sa additional year para lang ma complete ang pag-aaral ng mga bata. If I'm right, then that's one lousy solution. Another "pwede na yan" mentality.

  17. Sa pagkakaunawa ko, may year 11 at year 12 sa Australia pero yun na ang nagsisilbing parang first and second year college nila. Pag-enrol nila ng program (course), marami na kaagad major subjects. Kaya kung gawing hanggang year 12 sa Philippines, bawasan rin dapat ang bilang ng taong gugugulin sa college.

    I agree, though January to early March medyo late sumikat ang araw sa Philippines, generally hindi u-obra ang DST. Dito sa S.A. pwede kasi peak ng summer 9:30pm ang sunset. o",)

  18. RJ, yung 1st at 2nd year college subjects sa Pinas ay parang subjects ng senior high sa Tate. Pwede din yung suggestion mo na isama yan sa highschool para mabawasan ang mga subjects sa college. Saan ka nakakita na college ka na meron pa ring P.E. at kung ano-ano pang subjects na hindi naman related sa gusto mong kurso.

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