Saturday, November 21, 2009

Party Colors

The more you observe politics, the more you've got to admit that each party is worse than the other. - Will Rogers

Like football teams, most nations’ political parties identify their affiliation by colors. Communists or socialist are red, royalists and conservatives are blue, environmentalists are green and so forth. The same is true with party names.

Governments, especially those who prefer the parliamentary form, have a clear line drawn in their different political parties. Basically there are three, namely right, center and left. Rights are conservatives, center for moderates and left represent the socialist. That includes the off-shoot of both poles, the ultra-right with their fascist-like ideals and the extreme-left with their Marxist’s ideology. During election, electorates know a candidate’s political agenda thru their party affiliation. That’s because party members personify the principles in which their party was founded.

But in the Philippines, colors do not represent a political group. It represents more an individual rather than an ideology. Aquino inherited yellow from his mother. I don’t know what orange means but Villar chooses it as his battle flag. Roxas’ blue, I think, show his family’s “royal” status in Western Visayas.

Party names are the same. It’s a misnomer, invented to deceive the ignorant. For instance; Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino is not a socialist group nor it represent them. It only uses the masses for its own end. “Country first” is not the slogan or aim of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and Kilusang Bagong Lipunan have their chance yet I still have to see the social reforms it espouses.

In Congress, I observed only two political entities; the Leftist and the Opportunist. You know who the former are. They’re at the periphery of the congressional circle. They were not elected and their seats are courtesy of the party-list system. The latter is like a chameleon. It changes color to what ever surrounding it’s “in” and their loyalty is a commodity. It’s for sale and has an expiry date. It last only until the next election or maybe bartered in exchange for a slot in the line-up of any leading party. No wonder Reagan find no difference between a politician and a prostitute. They are similar in many ways.

In the US’s two party system, you’re either a republican or a democrat. Republicans are identified with the rich and democrats “represents” the middle class, ethnic groups and the low-income sector. But which ever party wins the presidency or garnered the majority in both houses, their first and foremost duty is to protect the domestic and foreign interests of corporate America. At least their leaders serve a group while ours serve their constituents only if they find it favorable to themselves.

Our government is run by people who think, not the welfare of those who voted them to power, but how to suck up to who ever guarantee their political survival. They think, not of our nation’s future, but how to safeguard their individual turf, as if it’s a legacy, theirs to own and handed down from parents to offspring.

Before we write down our candidates, let us learn first to differentiate what they say and what they meant. Read between the lines, recognize their true agenda and see through their fa├žade to know their true color.


  1. I am very poor in political science, so I would like to thank you for your very clear 'illustrations' in this post.

    May dalawang Filipino politicians na gusto ko'y mabasa nila itong post niyo, sina Senators M.D. Santiago at L. Legarda.

    Reagan finds no difference between a politician and a prostitute. Sen. Santiago and Sen. Legarda are politicians, therefore...

    Whew! Enough...

  2. You are right.
    Im still hoping and I still believe na
    makakaahon din ang ating bansa,yung
    paniniwalang yun nalang kasi ang pwede
    nating panghawakan.

  3. now i learned something here...

    and Doc RJ's philosophical premise makes me laugh a little! hahahahaha!

    I hope the Filipino people will be wise enough in casting their votes...

  4. RJ, you're welcome. Yung former senator, not much, pero yung huli - hungyango na balimbing pa!

    Lee, karamihan naman sa atin yan ang ina-asam. Ngunit ang pag-asa at paniniwala pag walang "action" wala ring papupuntahan.

    Azel, sad to say, but most of our voters are not wise enough. Like I said before; education is the key.

  5. Philippine politics is like watching telenova, sometimes. Sobrang "gamitan" din ang nangyayari (thinks of Loren Legarda especially).

  6. Somehow I think they're all basically the same. They just vary in degrees when it comes to selfish motives.

  7. Ms.Jo, yes, its part of philippine politics. the point of the exercise is to get what they want at any cost.

    Abaniko, true, that's why some advocates to "choose the lesser evil". IMO, for now, they can do what ever they want on the side as long as they stay focus in running the country.

  8. korek ka dyan.
    malaki din naman kasi ang kontribution natin,sana lang e matuto din yung iba na wag nalang iasa lahat sa politiko,sana magkaron din ng kusa yung ibang kababayan natin.
    at sana e maisip din ng ating mga kababayan na magsakripisyo nalang muna,meron kasing iba na dun sa mga kandidatong my mapapakinabang sila umaasa,di nila naisip yung bawi nun sa atin pag naupo na sila.

  9. In Philippine political arena, there's no such thing as honor among thieves.

    Salamat sa post mo. I particularly liked that Will Rogers' quote at the beginning of your post (and RJ's quote of Reagan, too).

    Notice this: All of them -- the leftist, the conservatives, the loyalists, etc -- become one during elections. They transform as prostitutes and opportunists.

    Noynoy ako in 2010 (but I will not necessarily vote his line up. I will still choose among the other 'lesser evil').

  10. politicians seem to master the art of comouflaging so showing their true identity has become trickier. but however difficult it may seem, voters must take the extra mile to ensure that the right person is elected to office.

  11. Spot on bro. It's a personality contest. That's why there are no public debates in Pinas because parties have no specific agenda on how they would tackle the pressing problems of the country.

    I say we must change the voting system from popular to party voting like the parliament style where the president gets chosen if his party wins the majority seats in the national parliament. Popular voting is prone to cheating in the first place.

  12. Lee, dyan mo makikita kung gaano ka kitid ang kanilang pananaw. Pinagpalit sa panandaliang kaluwagan ang anim na taong paghihirap.

    Nebz, good for you. I hope your candidate really deserves that position.

  13. Lawstude, I think they were graduates of the Institute of Magic, Hypnotism and Trickery.

    bw, I for one would like a parliamentary form of governance. but not as long as the dwarf and the troll lives in the palace.

  14. At last!! a filipino viewer!! hehe kabayan!! thanks sa comment mo ha! :)

  15. A political party here is not about ideology but for comfort. That is the reason why we have too many cases of turncoatism. No politico cares about an ideology anyway. They care about their vast wealth, how to maintain it and amass more.

  16. jericho, you're welcome and thanks for passing by.

    Ka Rolly, tama ka dyan. They'll protect their "investment" either by hook or by crook just like what recently happened in Maguindanao.

  17. sometimes it is so frustrating to even think of casting my vote. mas masarap pa ang isipang kakain ka ng pandesal na isasawsaw sa kape. mas exciting lalo na kung mainit ang kape. the whole process is draining me of my wit.

  18. ako, simple na lang ang itatanong ko sa politiko. gumagamit po ba kayo ng wang-wang at special plates? pag iyan ang sagot, di ko na iboboto. kasi ibig sabihin, walang respeto sa kapwa tao ang mga iyan. trapik pa lang, gusto nang makaisa.

    kahit pa walang maisulat sa balota ko, basta ginawa ko ang papel ko bilang botante.

  19. bing, true, nakakapanlumo tingnan na sila-sila pa rin ang nakikita mo tuwing eleksyon. At hindi mo na mahagilap pagkatapos.

    atticus, at least you practice your right of suffrage and perform your duty as a citizen by going to the polls. : )

  20. Hi Blogus,

    Your comment in your post-

    "In the US’s two party system, you’re either a republican or a democrat. Republicans are identified with the rich and democrats “represents” the middle class, ethnic groups and the low-income sector."

    If I can share my observations - Republicans are also identified as conservatives which in general are pro-life, pro creation/ID (intelligent design) while Democrats are also identified as liberals which in general are pro-choice,pro-evolution (Darwinian) theory.

  21. korek, isipin talaga sino an karapatdapat maglingkod da bayan, which in my opinion, wala.
    Puro sila corrupt;
    Kurap mata sa mga nagugutom at mamamayang naghihirap
    first dapat dyan eh yung sss coverage muna , then yung health services.
    Haay,dapat ikulong yung meron pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

  22. Trosp, you're right. Mas flexible ang mga democrats sa change and are not afraid to emplement radical measures. Kahit tama-an ang mga gahamang kapitalista.

    Francesca, maraming karapatdapat at magagaling maglingkod. Kaso wala silang makinaryang politikal para isulong ang kanilang kandidatura.

  23. I have just finished watching a Philippine presidential wannabes covered by the tabloid Ch 2.

    In a question and answer segment, it was very obvious that Erap and Obama have similiraties - both always rely on a teleprompter.

  24. Trosp, Obama have an IQ of 130, baka naman ibig mong sabihin eh - Erap and Bush have a similarities. : D

  25. Obamas's IQ is just like his birth certificate and transcript of record that are shrouded with mystery. Can you convince me that this guy has an IQ of 130 and yet he can't even complete a sentence during his campaign? A guy who always uh uh and ah ah everytime during interviews?

    At any rate,IMO,IQ has nothing to do with teleprompter. Obama may have the highest IQ but perhaps he lacks the sicerity in his statesmanship that's why the teleprompter.

    Now Americans, both from the left and the right, have realized the absurdities of his election promises. (Actually, if Obama is white, Ralph Nader could have won the US presidential election).

    Since you've mentioned Bush, right at the start of Obama's presidency, Bush is his punching bag. It's always blame Bush (if not FoxNews or Ann Coulter) for his mistakes that he can't account. As for me, Dubyah is better than Clinton and Carter. In our lingo, milya agwat.

    AS as Republicans and Demorats parties are concerned, please allow me to get back on my previous comment (and yours) -

    My comment - "Republicans are also identified as conservatives which in general are pro-life, pro creation/ID (intelligent design) while Democrats are also identified as liberals which in general are pro-choice,pro-evolution (Darwinian) theory."

    Your comment - "Trosp, you're right. Mas flexible ang mga democrats sa change and are not afraid to emplement radical measures."

    IMO, Democrats are not flexible to change but rather they seek what is the current issue that is controversial that will add brownie points to the party. And the example is legalizing abortion (it's not illegal btw in US but with certain limitations) - they call this one pro choice. Which means at any stage before a child will be born, the mother can abort the birth whenever she wanted it. Meaning first month or ninth month is immaterial. Plus female minors don't have to secure permission from parents for abortion (presently, it is required). Twice they were routed using these as their battlecries - both on Bushes being elected as US presidents.

    As for evolution, the liberals have won their case in US court that public schools that only evolution (God did not create man) will be thought in science subject. It will be illegal(?) to teach or even discuss Intelligent Design or Creationist (God created man) in any science or in any subject of the curicullum.

    Yup, those are their flexibilities.

    I can cite other of their flexibilitie but those are for now.


  26. Trosp, hehe, cool ka lang. Nabasa ko lang din yang 130 IQ ni Obama sa net and I'm not interested in the rest of his personal infos. This post is not about him or the US but just a bit of comparison with the Philippine political practice.

    As for my flexibility comment - I'm refering to the financial crisis in the US where Bush's administration wants to float ailing financial institution with taxpayers' money (most of them are Bush's friends) while the present administration is more practical by selecting only those that will affect the majority of their citizen.

  27. He he he. Oo nga. Mukhang HB ako. At any rate, let's see what Obama can do in making the US a nanny state just like in most of European countries - Sweden in particular. In his two months as POTUS, baon ka agad sa utang ang US. Sabi nga nya - it's Bush fault.

    More on them on

    Try also to revisit who are his "czars" including those he shoved under the bus. (Bakit nga ba mukhang sya lang ang may czar among all US presidents. I might be wrong on this.)

    Cheers and thanks for being cool!