Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pimp My Ride, Pinoy Edition

Foreword: these pictures were emailed to me by my good friend Ferdie L.

Have you seen the TV program “Pimp My Ride”? It’s about dilapidated cars being transformed into an outrageously fully-loaded, custom built “rides”. Since Filipinos are notoriously well known to ape anything American, not to be left behind, they have their own version of it in the form of the ubiquitous “jeepney”.

Front exterior

Besides the double “air horn” to get the attention of even the deafest of pedestrians, they put a lot of “fog lights”, enough to blind drivers of in-coming cars at night.

Side exterior
I would have painted psychedelic letters on it that spells “Katas Ng … (where ever the money came from to build this anomaly), put “mag wheels” in and change the tires into one of those “low profiles”.

Back exterior

They forgot to put the signs “Pot pot bago lusot” under the steps, “Safe Side” and “Suicide” signs on the mud guards.


Check this out, Internet Café on wheels, with LCD flat screen and wireless DSL.

Complete with cushioned sofa and a mini-bar to liven up the atmosphere while surfing the net.

Under the hood

This is where I grade them with an “F”. They could have at least painted the engine block, brake fluid chamber and change all those rubber hoses, to give it a “brand new” look.

Overall, I give it a “B+” in the “Attention Getter” category for shockingly outrageous, bordering in tackiness”.


  1. This is the first time I heard of Pimp My Ride. I have to catch up, heehee. The latest news regarding jeepneys that I read was that they're now fueled electrically. Nevertheless, I miss the jeepneys back home. =)

  2. Ms.Jo, It's in one of MBC's channels. Free-to-air naman yan. All you need is a dish, LNB and receiver. You won't spend much.

    RJ, totot na totot. As the saying goes; "Truth is stranger than fiction". : )

  3. Mtv pimp my ride?wow kakaiba talaga pinoy hindi pahuhuli for sure kay bayani fernando yan look at naman inside the hood so kikay look at the color PINK nyahahaha.Jeepneys has it own version also of drifting nakalimutan q tawag eh napanood q lang sa tv patrol last night.

  4. I agree that Filipinos love to copy everything American. But when it comes to 'Pimp My Ride', for once the Pinoys beat the Kano -- we've been pimping our jeepneys since time immemorial :D

  5. mightydacz, I think its "tikwas" or something similar. I saw that too, and I think it should be banned. Their doing it with passengers inside. Ang gagago eh!

    Mimi, I agree, sa dami ng palamuti, hindi na makita ng driver ang daan.

  6. B+ din pra sakin,di masyadong pang pinoy ang dating.sabagay kanya kanyang style yan.

    pero kung i pimp ko jeep ng lolo ko...ito ang aking gagawin:

    lalagyan ko parin ng bandiritas sa magkabila sa taas ng side mirror,lata parin ang gagawin kong materyal insted na stainless,full black color effect at glossy type.

    yung sa driver seat side door,kailangan pull-up.parang lumilipad ang effect everytime na may magbubukas.(kahit istobo sa parking).he he he.

    bawal ang sabit pwede kabit...improvised with graphics effect yung di masyadong mababasa ng asawa..ha ha ha.

  7. ever, yung driver's door, pull up? Parang Lamborgini ang dating... hanip pag nagawa mo yan.

  8. OMG, I love the insides of that one, very cool, I can live inside it, may ref sana, hahah, I guess meron, may mini bar eh, galing ng Pinoy sa gayahan ano? Haha...

  9. ha ha wala akong alam sa sasakyan pero natuwa talaga ako sa nakita he he

  10. This jeepney's a bit over the top and the presence of TVs with LCD screens makes it an attractive target of robbers and carnappers. :)

  11. Sabi nga sa So You Think You Can Dance: Toot! Toooot!

    Okay sa redesign a!

    Nakakatakot lang ung mag wheels!

  12. hey, i've never heard of that show, but then again, i am so out of the loop. hehehe.

    interesting ride ;-)

  13. I've also seen one in Manila before a small coffee shop and a snack bar inside nice interior fuly aircon,he he he a smart way to earn a living...

  14. wow! seen it here for the first time. hahaha... patawa ang pink sa makina.

  15. ang galing naman ng jeep na yan. May nakadisplay dito sa khobar na jeep dati, kaya lang tinanggal na, nawalan kasi ng gulong. hehehe

    How are you doing Ed?

    Nagplug-in ako sau sa latest dream ko. hehe.

  16. sheng, I think there is also a built-in karaoke inside. : )

    abou, walang ganyan sa atin no?

    panaderos, yes, that's the drawback. It will also get the attention of bad elements.

    Nebz, yung "mags" parang sa pelikulang "Mad Max".

    caryn, I prefer japanese design when it comes to practicality and functionality.

    ed v., yung nakita ko sa Makati e "turo-turo" on wheels naman.

    donG, kikay na kikay ang dating, di ba?

    kenji, ito okay lang. Sa dami ng blog na minimaintain nyo, hindi ko tuloy malaman kung saan ang sa iyo. Nice of you to drop by.

    aline, thank you for visiting my blog.

    flor, oo naman. Sa Cebu ito nakunan. BTW salamat sa bisita.

  17. Naknampatatas! talo pa ang limo ah. makapagpagawa ng ganyan ... na tricycle. he he

  18. R-yo, welcome back. As the saying goes "You may stop blogging but you can't stop the blogger in you".