Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Games Bored People Play

When job order is infrequent, which happens most of the time, and nothing of interest catches my eye in the internet, I play. My favorite games are “first person” combat role. Gory, loud and can’t be played in my office computer. It needs lots of memory and special video card to enjoy. To pass time I entertain myself with freebies that come along when installing XP OS. Here are two of the games I consider myself an “expert”.

Spider Solitaire
Unlike “draw” solitaire, you can save spider while in the middle of the game. I win most of the time because I choose which set to play and follow some simple rules I formulate before starting. Rule one: Never starts a game when the number of cards you can move is less than 5. Rule two: Avoid playing a set where there is more than one king open. Rule three: If possible, combine cards of the same suits and always “save” a game when faced with several options. That way you can “reload” and try another move in case the last option you made ends up nowhere.

You should have plenty of luck and good in logic when playing this game. Because in an end game where there are two “unopened” squares and one mine left, your chance of choosing the right square is 50%. Usually I average 150 seconds on this one but my highest score is 125 seconds. I think I’m just lucky at that time since I haven’t duplicated that feat ever since. But what I’m proud of is I’ve completed the game in 206 seconds at the same time opened up an 8 clustered mines.

A 7 clustered mines is rare enough but an 8 clustered mines is very rare. That's why I saved this one for posterity. I doubt if a lot of people has opened one.

How about you? What’s your favorite game when you’re bored?


  1. I rarely play computer games, even those in play station, etc. But last year I got hooked to Spongebob Collapse (I loved the screaming!), Feeding Frenzy (my hands are 'jumping', too, when I want the fish to move, heehee), and of course Zuma. To top it, I stayed so late for playing Zuma. This playful mode lasted for only a month. =)

  2. Scrabble! Lagi ko nilalaro ang scrabble when i was in Iran, kahit office hours naglalaro ako pero never pa nahuli ni amo kasi nakatalikod naman PC ko sa kanya hehehe. Hanggang ngayon nasa Pinas nako ito parin nilalaro ko during break time =D.

  3. Me naman, I love to play Hangaroo, that game took the best of me when I was in a short break from the office, now, I enjoy blogging better than playing Hangaroo...

  4. bihirang bihira rin akong maglaro ng computer games. Kasi pihado paglalaruan lang ako ng mga anak kong lalake. Like when I tried playing counter strike with them, pinagtatawanan ba naman ako. I easily get intimidated kaya wag na lang. hehe

  5. Ms.Jo, "eye straining" ang games na gusto mo. But unlike you, I don't get tired being in a playful mode. There will always be a child lurking in me.

    theo, gusto ko rin ang scrabble and I'm also good at it. But I prefer human players than computer.

    sheng, there's no replacement in blogging. How's your vacation?

    Ka Rolly, I also play "counter strike". In fact I finished it already. IMO, it pales in comparison when playing DOOM3.

  6. ako hanggang ngayon MARIO bro's, parin ang nilalaro ko,nasa c ko ito,nilalaro ko sa lumang dvd na pwede ang games..he he he.

    pag sa office naglalaro ako ng chess game.

    ang galing mo pards ah.ako di ko pa matapos tapos ang minesweeper.

  7. ever, mahilig din ako sa chess noon. Meron ako yung "Chess 2000". Kaso kung minsan nakakapikon dahil ang bagal mag "move" ng computer tapos bigla nalang "checkmate" na ako!

  8. Wow! Hanggang Beginner lang ako sa Minesweeper, pero ikaw, natapos mo ang Expert! Nakakabilib.

    Ako, I play whatever is on Yahoo! Games. Kadalasan Bouncing Balls. Amazing yong Shift games dahil bumabaligtad ung screen graphics. Nakakaaliw. Try nyo.

  9. Nebz, practice lang yan. Ang ayaw ko sa mga Yahoo games, karamihan "on trial basis". Once na na-hook ka na, ayaw ng gumana at pinabibili na sayo ang "package".

  10. hahahah! alam mo ba, i still can't figure this game out ;-)

  11. caryn, which one? spider or minesweeper?

  12. Minesweeper used to be my favorite game. Of course, I opted to play the advanced level and won't stop till I beat my previous time record. :)